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What has become of the coronavirus within Florida after the first wave was thought to be done with? Well, exactly what you could expect from those who were told not to worry any longer. That state began opening back up and allowing restaurants, bars, beaches and many more to now hold inside capacity as long as they followed slight social distancing measures.

This did not last too long. Many mandates stating that everything could reopen are being taken back. Newer and much more urgent measures to prevent coronavirus cases are being put into play. Beaches are closing once again, masks are required in most public settings and bars are ceasing all sale of alcohol. Florida is attempting to recover from its tourist economic downfall with a hasty reopening. And it is not turning out too well.

Florida Now Reporting Thousands of Cases Daily


With the reopening having gone in a negative direction and more and more people receiving tests for coronavirus, the results are looking very bad. Daily cases within Florida are increasing by the thousands. Hospitals around the state are reaching capacity quickly and many are ignoring the rise in cases.

Many people believe that the virus has become politicized and are now ignoring the mandates over social distancing and mask wearing. This is a terrible mindset for a collective state body to have. In order to conquer the virus in its entirety, people must work together to suffocate the remainder of the virus. We’re now going on weeks of increasing positive COVID-19 cases and this needs to cease immediately.

In order to stop the spread of the virus, you have to stay aware of your health and abide by as many social distancing measures as possible. If you haven’t already, contact your health care provider to find out the nearest area to you conducting tests. Stay healthy and safe!

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