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Dave Chappelle Absolutely Slayed on Saturday Night Live This Past Weekend.

Dave Chappelle is a genius, literally a comedic genius, and his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live this past weekend is one of the best comedy pieces of his entire storied career, a pure masterpiece. He covers the Kanye West meltdown and antisemitism in such a professional. But also hilarious way, that it was priceless and much needed. Some will complain, but any fans of real comedy will know that it’s a masterpiece especially for the times we are living in. To tiptoe the line of not offending most people, on such touchy, but important topics like this, and still be this funny, is pure master of craft-level comedic art. No one, literally no one, in the comedy game today could discuss this subject with the grace, accuracy, and comedy of Dave Chappelle this past weekend.

Then as if his bit on Kanye West was not enough for your comedy-loving heart. Chapelle did another bit on Donald Trump and it was pure comedy gold. It was so damn good, I can’t even tell you about it on here and do it justice. All I can say is sit down, make a drink, and roll yourself up a fat joint. Then get comfortable in your favorite chair and sit back and press play on this video. You my friend are in for a treat, and some great laughs. Enjoy! And remember where you see the best comedy clips on the world wide web: www.SFL.Media the best free news and content site on the internet!!!

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