On February 25, a Texas demolition company was supposed to tear down a home in Dallas, Texas. A long standing and reputable company had a normal job. However, what actually happened is truly terrible. JR’s Demolition went to the neighborhood and accidentally demolished the wrong home. The owner of the house was a man named Jeremy Wenninger. He inherited what was known as “the pink house” on Richard Avenue from a close friend of his named Mary Ann who had passed away.


How do you Tear Down the Wrong Home?


This is the biggest mistake a demolition company can even come close to. In fact, the owner of JR’s Demolition, Bobby Lindamood, came out with a formal apology. He stated:

“I as the owner, have been in demolition over 35 years, and after many thousands of structure demolitions, this is the first incident wherein the wrong structure was demolished,” “We made a mistake and thought we had the right property.”

They also made sure to voice their excuses over how this travesty happened. Stating that the home didn’t have a number, the curb address was covered due to recent rain and debris and that the home looked abandoned. According to reports, the demolition team inspected to make sure the home was empty.


Restitution for the Incorrectly Demolished Home


The owner of the home, Wenninger, lives within California. His dear friend Mary Ann left him the home after she had passed away. He had stated that he planned to renovate the home to restore the memory of his lost friend. The home itself was 97-years old and had a large amount of sentimental value. Lindamood stated that he is working with the owner, Wenninger, on how to compensate him for the mistake. There should definitely be some restitution of not only the value of the home, but the sentimental value that it displayed over these peoples’ hearts.