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This week on the Yadkin River bridge in North Carolina, a man leaped off of a bridge in order to dodge an oncoming truck. Jeremiah Cribb, the FedEx driver who leaped, was attempting to help a stalled-out car on the bridge. Little did he know, an 18-wheeler was on route to the same area. The truck was driving fast towards their location and Cribb had a feeling it was about to go bad. That was when he leaped from the bridge.


Incoming Truck


Jeremiah Cribb is a driver for FedEx that was doing overnight deliveries in North Carolina. During his shift, he stumbled upon a stalled-out vehicle. Being the good Samaritan that he is, he offered to help. However, while aiding the vehicle, he noticed the headlights of an 18 – wheeler approaching. Based off of the way the truck was being driven, Cribb was having a nervous feeling. In a statement he said:

“I was flashing my light on and off, and he was in the left lane,” “(The driver of the tractor-trailer) didn’t merge, and we didn’t know if he was gonna hit the car. But, I kinda had a feeling that he was, and he smashed into the car.”


Leap of Faith


Upon making the judgement call that the driver was not going to attempt to avoid the vehicle, Jeremiah Cribb decided to leap from the bridge. He assumed it was his only choice for survival. So, he stepped over the median and free-fell about 75-feet to the ground. Thankfully, Cribb survived the fall. Also, he came out a lot less damaged than the responders imagined. Emergency respondents assumed he may have been paralyzed based off of him not moving. However, after a pinch to the leg was responded to, that was out of the question. He suffered a few broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Regardless, that is so much better than an early death from trying to help out a stalled vehicle.

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