A Texas teen is accused of driving over a man in a wheelchair and then leaving the scene.

A disturbing new video was provided by the Austin Texas, Police Department. Shows the victim crossing a parking lot in his motorized wheelchair when he is struck and run over by a large white pickup truck. The victim’s electric wheelchair was obliterated in the accident and he himself was dragged under the tires of the pickup truck and left with life-threatening injuries. The driver left the victim for dead, laying lifeless, in the parking lot. As he drove off in the truck and left the scene of the accident.

Investigators say the victim put his hand up to warn the approaching vehicle to slow down and not hit him. Then you can see the white pickup truck come into the video frame and run the man over without attempting to stop at all. The impact from the large truck crushed the man and his wheelchair under the undercarriage and wheels of the truck for a short distance in the parking lot. The driver then drives off and makes no attempt to help the victim in any way, whatsoever.

Inside Edition’s Mara Montalbano has more in the video below.