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Brian Flores made epic news when he was suddenly fired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. The news of Brian Flores being fired from the team made shockwaves that reverberated across the entire nation. No one could believe that such a talented head coach that had won so many recent games could be cast from the team. 

Countless fans were quick to ally themselves with Flores by showing support for the former head coach after he was fired. He had led the Miami Dolphins to victory time and time again and was fired for his efforts. Mr. Flores has struck back at the sprawling apparatus of corruption among the NFL that was behind his fall from grace by filing a lawsuit. 

Here’s what you need to know about the lawsuit that Brian Flores has filed against the NFL, what it means for his career, and how disingenuous the hiring practices in the NFL really are. 

Brian Flores Was Sabatoged in Recent Interviews

Stephen Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins reportedly offered to pay Brian Flores $100,000 per game for losing on purpose. Brian Flores defied Mr. Ross’s request by bringing in several consecutive victories and honoring the integrity of the game. Mr. Ross didn’t respond well to the defiant victories and ensured that Flores was fired. 

As you may have heard, Brian Flores went on to interview with several NFL teams for a position as head coach after being unceremoniously fired by the Miami Dolphins. He had interviews with the New York Giants, the Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and the Houston Texans.

Despite being given assurances that he would be well-received by the New York Giants by Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, he was misinformed. The interview was a complete disaster as he was passed over in favor of Brian Daboll.

The New York Giants claimed that they had seriously considered Mr. Flores for the position of head coach. Although the team maintained that they decided to hire Mr. Daboll at the last minute, it would seem that the decision had already been made much earlier. 

His interview with the Denver Broncos was even worse as John Elway and Joe Ellis arrived at the interview an hour late. When Flores discerned that they had been drinking heavily the night before his interview he surmised that they had only shown up as a formality. Again, the decision had already been made. 

With two sabotaged interviews, the walls were closing in on Brian Flores as he came to realize that the powers that be were making an effort to exclude him from the kind of opportunities he deserves in the NFL. 

Flores Fires Back

No one likes being fired, but being fired for doing your job too well takes it to a whole new level. Brian Flores has witnessed corruption in the NFL firsthand. From allegations over Stephen Ross’s not-so-secret meetings with quarterbacks under contract to a disturbing degree of rampant racism among management, the NFL is due for reform.

Brian Flores is at the forefront of that reform as he fires back against corruption in the NFL with a lawsuit that’s sure to make waves for the organization. The lawsuit represents one of the most significant blows the NFL has been dealt in many years. 

While nearly three-quarters of NFL players are of color, head coaches of African American descent are few and far between. After Flores was fired, it left only three head coaches of color remaining in the NFL. Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the only African American head coach still in the NFL at this point. 

Does management in the NFL exhibit racist tendencies in their hiring practices? With only three head coaches of color still in play, it’s hard to argue that the disparity is a mere coincidence. In his lawsuit against the NFL and several teams, Mr. Flores maintains that there the hiring and firing process in the NFL is egregiously discriminatory. 

Why the Outcome of Brian’s 2nd Interview with the Houston Texans Will be a Major Game Changer

Once word got out that Brian Flores had a 2nd interview with the Houston Texans, it was clear that the outcome of that interview would have a profound impact. Why? Because if the Texans hire caucasian contender, Josh McCown in favor of Flores, it will cement the idea that there’s discrimination in the upper ranks of the NFL.  

Hiring Josh McCown would be especially disastrous from a PR perspective considering his inexperience. When compared to Flores’s extraordinary history of winning games, McCown’s inexperience would appear to make the decision that’s currently before the Texans an easy one.  

Based on skills and experience, it wouldn’t make any legitimate strategic sense to hire Josh McCown over someone as talented and accomplished as Brian Flores. 

It’s worth noting that the Houston Texans were among the only teams in the NFL that Brian Flores told about the upcoming lawsuit ahead of time. He also gave a heads up to the Saints. 

The Takeaway

The big takeaway here is that the NFL couldn’t bury Brian Flores. In spite of a series of sabotaged interviews, Flores pressed on and took action. He effectively took his fate into his own hands by defying the discriminatory practices that are trying to crush him and his career as a head coach in the NFL. 

Could Brian Flores become the next head coach of the Houston Texans or the New Orleans Saints while fighting the NFL in court? Anything is possible. One thing that is for certain is the fact that no one can question Flores’s skills or abilities as a head coach for professional football. 

All Flores wanted to do was play clean games and bring his team to victory. Whichever team brings him on as head coach can expect a tremendous boost in terms of publicity and performance. 

A storm is coming as Flores prepares to sweep the NFL clean of corruption and discrimination while giving fans a refreshing glimpse at the kind of integrity the game deserves. In taking on the NFL, he has put his entire career at stake in an effort to restore fairness and integrity to professional football.

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