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The Build-Up

The matchup on September 9th, 2023, the Florida Atlantic football team faced off against Ohio University in a game that came down to the final whistle. Unfortunately for FAU, it was Ohio that emerged victorious in a closely contested battle, with a final score of Ohio 17 Florida Atlantic 10.

The Game Unfolds

The game kicked off with back to back interceptions with Ohio finally putting together the first drive of the game of 8 plays and ended in a 44 yard missed field goal attempt. FAU’s offensive struggles continue until the start of the 2nd quarter when they put together a 11 play drive that results in a punt. On the next drive Ohio fumbles the ball with FAU defense recovering the at the OHIO 33 yard line. 6 plays later FAU attempts a 37 yard field goal by kicker Logan Lupo putting them up 3-0 with 6:54 to go in the 2nd quarter. Ohio’s next drive ended with the FAU defense coming up with a interception by defensive back Jarron Morris, that resulted in a 72 yrd touchdown for the FAU Owls. FAU 10-0 with 5:12 to go in the 2nd quarter. Late second quarter saw Ohio offense begin to find their rhythm. Ohio’s Quarterback Kurtis Rourke orchestrated a methodical drive, making precise throws and exploiting gaps in FAU’s defense. Running backs O’Shaan Allison and Sieh Bangura for Ohio displayed there durability during the drive. Kurtis Rourke threw a 13 yard touchdown pass to Will Kacmarek with 0:23 to go in the 2nd quarter. FAU 10 Ohio 7.

The Turning Point

The second half continued with Ohio’s ability to capitalize on their opportunities proved to be the difference maker. Ohio’s offense, led by Kurtis Rourke mounted a promising drive to find the end zone. O’Shaan Allison 4 yard run up the middle gave Ohio there first lead of the day putting Ohio up 14-10. FAU and Ohio would trade punts on there next offensive drives. FAU’s offense, led by FAU Quarterback’s Casey Thompson mounted a promising drive but struggled to find the end zone. Ohio’s defense maintained its resilience, intercepting a pass and frustrating the Owls’ offensive efforts. Ohio’s ability to capitalize on turnover proved to be the difference. They managed to add a field goal in the fourth quarter, securing their lead and ultimately sealing the victory.

The Aftermath

Despite the defeat, the FAU Owls displayed unwavering determination and sportsmanship throughout the game. The matchup between these two talented teams showcased the essence of college football – passion, skill, and fierce competition. While this particular game ended in favor of Ohio, both teams left the Stadium with memories of hard-fought battle. For the FAU Owls, this loss will serve as a valuable learning experience, motivating them to improve and come back even stronger in future matchups. As the 2023 college football season unfolds, both FAU and Ohio will continue to face new challenges and opportunities on their respective journeys. Football fans can look forward to more thrilling moments as these teams strive for success on the gridiron.


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