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Childhood vaccination is something that most parents are aware of and many have their children vaccinated from a young age. There are, however, some vaccinations that are overlooked by parents or misunderstood with regard to benefits. The COVID vaccine is one such vaccination. If you’re wondering why toddlers should be given the COVID vaccine, we’ll answer this question for you. 

While every parent has the right to decide whether vaccination is right for their child or not, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken it upon himself to make it more difficult for parents to have their toddlers vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Meanwhile, in the midst of his campaign against COVID vaccinations, the governor has launched a hunt to encourage the eradication of snakes throughout the state of Florida. For vaccine supporters, the contrast between these two events is palpable, here’s the latest! 

What’s Going On?

Florida governor refuses to order vaccines for toddlers while announcing a hunt targeting invasive snacks throughout the state. Doctors and medical professionals throughout the state are fuming over the governor’s recent decision to opt-out of receiving vaccines for toddlers

Pediatricians in particular are especially upset about the governor’s decision as it will make it more difficult to supply children with vaccines. A deadline was set for states throughout the nation to put in a request for COVID vaccines for children. Florida was the only state to miss the deadline without submitting a request for vaccines. 

Are Florida-based politicians rejecting the vaccines for COVID-19 out of some kind of concern for public health or concern over the safety of the vaccines themselves? Unlikely. 

The COVID-19 vaccine produced by Moderna recently passed an examination conducted by a panel of experts that declared the vaccine to be perfectly safe for children between 6 months to 6 years in age. 

While getting toddlers vaccinated against a dangerous disease like COVID-19 has become something less than a priority, the governor kicked off the annual hunt against invasive species of snakes. Apparently, snakes present a larger and more serious threat to the health of Florida’s citizens than one of the most infectious and dangerous viruses in the history of the world. 

Invasive snakes have been picking away at the populations of native mammals and other species throughout Florida. Although invasive snakes are certainly a legitimate issue that needs to be dealt with, they don’t exactly inspire the same kind of fear and anxiety caused by COVID-19. As obnoxious and unsettling as they are, snakes have never brought entire economies to their knees like the COVID virus has. 

The annual snake hunt offers all kinds of incentives to capture pythons around the tropical landscape of Florida. A top prize of $2,500 for the most pythons captured is in place. One wonders how much better off the state would be if a similar prize were offered for the most children vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Why Toddlers Should be Given the COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 rapidly spiraled into one of the most common diseases affecting both children and adults around the world. 

Parents should know that COVID-19 can be life-threatening. It can also increase the risk of dying from other diseases or preexisting health complications. 

The COVID vaccine is one that all children should be given during childhood. Toddlers can be given the COVID vaccine because there are health benefits of this vaccination that are not immediately obvious to parents.

While COVID-19 can be treated with medication, it is much harder to treat when the patient hasn’t been vaccinated against the virus. 

Side Effects of the COVID Vaccine

The COVID vaccine has a low risk of side effects and is considered safe for most people. The most common side effect of the COVID vaccine is a red, itchy bump at the vaccination site. Other side effects may include headaches, tiredness, muscle aches, and changes in mood. 

The majority of these side effects are mild, lasting from a few hours to a couple of days. If you’re unsure whether your toddler is able to receive the COVID vaccine, or if you have any questions about side effects, speak to your doctor.

The more toddlers that get vaccinated against COVID-19, the better off the children that call Florida home will be. Likewise, vaccinations make our schools safer places to be as they are one of the most common places where children can get infected by the virus. 

Can Toddlers Get the COVID Vaccine?

Toddlers can receive the COVID vaccine at the recommended age of 15 months. It is important to vaccinate against COVID at this age as it is at this time when toddlers start to be more susceptible to respiratory illnesses such as flu and COVID. 

Why Parents Should Not Hesitate Vaccinating Toddlers Against COVID

There are many reasons why parents hesitate to vaccinate their toddlers against the COVID disease. They may believe that their child isn’t at risk of COVID, or that there is something wrong with the vaccine itself. 

It is important to vaccinate against COVID at a young age in order to be able to develop a full immunity against the disease. While it’s true that there are other vaccinations that are more important, there are also other vaccinations that are more likely to be missed. Vaccinating against COVID at a young age is an easy way to protect toddlers from a life-threatening disease.

Wrapping Up

The COVID vaccine is a vaccination that prevents the dreaded COVID-19 virus. The virus can be deadly if left untreated. It can be prevented by vaccination which is why it’s so important for children to get vaccinated. 

While pythons present a serious enough threat to adults, toddlers, and other mammals alike, the threat that they pose pales in comparison to the dangers of COVID-19, the virus that brought the planet to a grinding halt. 

If you’re a parent with a toddler living in the state of Florida, and you want your toddler vaccinated, there are options. Although the state government’s decision has made it significantly more difficult to access vaccinations for toddlers, there are alternatives. 

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