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Rent is skyrocketing across the country.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO explores the issue in-depth in this timely clip about rising rent prices. Last Week tonight takes a funny but deep dive into a couple of issues a week. So if you’re into politics or news it’s really a great show to have on your roster. Since so few shows take as deep a dive as this show does. Most shows glaze over a list of issues quickly and rarely give a particular issue more than a minute or two of air time. But Oliver and his team spend time and money researching the issues and give a much better and more well-rounded discussion of the issues than most other outlets do these days.

In this video the Last Week Tonight crew goes in-depth on rent going up across the nation. Including a look into the largest rental company in the country. Interviews of a couple being forced out of a rent-controlled apartment and even the massive issues with the section 8 housing program. All before showing a poor woman and her children who were evicted because they sat outside the wrong courtroom, waiting for their day in court, only to lose the apartment in a courtroom down the hall. The lady literally ran to the courtroom down the hall when she realized her mistake, but it was too late.

The rent crises seems to have a lot to do with greedy landlords and financial opportunists. As well as a complete lack of laws and protections for the renters. As with everything in the modern-day over-monetized and over-corporatized United States the renters have become the latest group to get squeezed. With nowhere to go and prices going up, all renters can do is pay more, and more, and more to try and keep a roof over their heads. God forbid they catch an eviction charge because they can’t keep up with the rent payments. Once that hits their credit report they’re done. You’ll never rent again, at least not a good place for a fair price. If that even exists at all anymore…


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