My favorite DJ and house music legend Hardwell slays at Ultra 2022.

The world-famous Ultra Music Festival returned to Bayfront Park in Miami for the first time since the pandemic and it did not disappoint. It slayed! The opening of Hardwell’s set with the narrator was sick. You could feel the anticipation building in the air for what was sure to be an amazing, hard-hitting, house music full set from Hardwell. He played Spaceman which has become his calling card and is soooo good live. The entire set was great from front to back, to be honest, save this link and you can rock your next party with it. You gotta love Ultra, it has to be hands down the biggest and best music event to happen every year. If you haven’t been yet, then you honestly have no idea what you are missing. Please, buy yourself some VIP tickets and go have the absolute best time of your damn life! You deserve it and I promise you that you will not regret it one bit!

DJ Hardwell’s Full Set At Ultra 2022.