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The title of this post alone is literally earth shattering. On August 4th of this year, Franky Zapata used a hoverboard to cross over the entire English Channel in just about 20 minutes. A 22-mile between France and the U.K. was flown over by a man on a hoverboard with a backpack full of fuel. Franky Zapata is a French investor and he made history this year as the first man to ever do it. Who knows what else this man is capable of?


Hoverboard’s are a Wave of the Future


The days of watching Back to the Future and imagining yourself riding a hoverboard is no longer a dream of the past. Franky Zapata actually has multiple inventions relating to a hoverboard. In fact, a couple of months ago he tried this before and failed in a pretty scary way. On his way across, he tried to land on a boat half way with a goal to refuel and continue onward. However, on his way down to the boat, he missed and plummeted into the water. Could you imagine missing your landing spot and dropping into the water with a hoverboard. Sounds scary and dangerous.


Franky Zapata, Inventor of the Future


Franky Zapata is setting world records and breaking the world with the capabilities of his technology! That particular hoverboard is not his only famous piece of equipment. His other piece of equipment is called the “Flyboard.” This one allows you to shoot out of the water with hydro jet propulsion and do flips throughout the air. How fun! In ways, it seems to be almost like a hydro jet pack.

Some pretty cool stuff coming from this inventor. Throughout the world you have people coming out with new cool technology. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the wall for some cool tech! Check out the video of him doing it in action below!


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