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South Florida’s support for Ukraine continues to grow as local business owners have taken it upon themselves to lend a helping hand. Several South Florida restaurants are making generous efforts to help Ukrainians as the Russian invasion continues to displace millions of people.   

While various national governments have sent weapons and soldiers to Ukraine, restaurant owners in South Florida are tending to the refugees by offering them money for supplies as well as the chance to live and work in Miami. Here’s what you should know about how South Florida restaurants are helping Ukraine along with the latest updates on the conflict’s impact on refugees. 

Ukrainian Conflict Generates Massive Number of Refugees Seeking Shelter and Safety 

The conflict in Ukraine has disrupted an entire population, one which is split between fleeing to safety or staying in the country to fight back. With Russian soldiers advancing towards Ukrainian cities and fuelling the fires of war, many Ukrainians have tried reaching other countries away from the warzone. 

Although there are plenty of brave fighters that are standing their ground to defend their country, the war has generated a wave of refugees that is currently washing over the world. National governments have reacted differently to the massive influx of Ukrainian refugees. 

While some are reasonably eager to help, there are others that aren’t as eager to help. The United Kingdom, for example, initially issued only 300 visas for the incoming Ukrainian refugees. Considering the number of people pouring out of Ukraine’s borders, nations like the United Kingdom need to step it up. Meanwhile, many of the nations that border Ukraine have been praised for their generosity and willingness to help refugees.    

Over 2 million Ukrainians have left their homes behind because they were either destroyed by the Russians or were in danger of being destroyed. War is never pretty, and the conflict in Ukraine has proven to be one of the ugliest wars in recent history. 

The West is appalled by Mr. Putin’s behavior as he descends into a state of wanton destruction. Ukrainian lives and homes are not the only cost of this war. Mr. Putin’s actions have derailed the efforts of several decades of progress. 

For example, when the first McDonald’s opened in Russia back in 1990, it was historic. Today, McDonald’s has decided to close down 850 locations in Russia. The closures are said to be temporary. They also closed restaurants in Ukraine and continue to pay the employees in both Russia and Ukraine during the temporary closure of their restaurants.

The people of South Florida have responded with an overwhelmingly positive show of support for Ukrainian refugees. Although it might not carry as much of an impact as a big chain like McDonald’s, local restaurant owners in South Florida are making a difference by supporting Ukraine in their own way

How South Florida Restaurants Are Making A Difference for Ukrainians

Several South Florida restaurants have initiated individual campaigns to help Ukraine in this dark hour of war. While some of them have chosen to manage fundraisers that will raise money to help Ukraine, one restaurant has made a commitment to Ukrainian refugees by offering to bring 50 Ukrainian refugees to Miami.

The owners of Baires Grill in Brickell are offering to cover the expenses for 50 Ukrainian refugees to come to Miami. Not only are the owners planning to cover everything from legal and travel costs, but they’re also going to pay for their accommodations in Miami. Most importantly, they want to offer them jobs. 

By helping Ukrainian refugees escape the burning fires of the Ukrainian warzone, the owners of Baires Grill are potentially saving lives. No one should have to try to survive in the middle of a warzone where chaos reigns and danger is around every corner.

The offer that the owners of Baires Grill are extending will ensure the safety of 50 people. That’s 50 fewer people that will be huddling in ruined buildings as the very fabric of their cities crumble in the chaotic nightmare of war. 

While it might seem like a small number of people, you must consider the fact that this is the work of a single South Florida restaurant. If more business owners demonstrated the same kind of generosity, it would help countless refugees in desperate need of safety and assistance.  

The best part is, the fact that the Baires Grill is going to provide the incoming refugees with jobs. In providing them with jobs, they will give them something more than a safe haven, they will give them a chance to be independent. 

Other restaurants are raising money for Ukraine by donating percentages of their profits. The owners of Mama Bella Gourmet Market & Cafe in West Palm Beach are serving Ukrainian food to donate money to  United Help Ukraine. 

Many other South Florida restaurants are directing fundraisers across the counties of Broward and Palm Beach. With so many people trying to help, Ukraine can fight on while refugees in need of assistance steadily make their way to safety. 

How the Influx of Ukrainian Refugees Stands to Benefit the Food Service Industry in South Florida

Ukrainian refugees are coming at a time when certain restaurants in South Florida are still struggling to find workers. Ukrainians looking for a new life will find a warm welcome in the food service industry in South Florida.

With the shortage of workers putting a strain on restaurants in the area, Ukrainians will find the opportunity to become independent in a new home while contributing to the community. That kind of synergy will help build a stronger South Florida while keeping more refugees away from the Ukrainian battlegrounds. 

South Florida’s response to the Ukrainian conflict is something for other states and even nations to emulate. The people of South Florida, including many business owners, are showing the world that no matter how far away people live from each other, a single act of kindness can stretch across the globe. While no one knows how the Ukrainian conflict will end, the more good we do now, the better the outcome will be for all. 

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