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Katrina MacLean, owner of “Kats Creepy Creations,” was one of the buyers of Cedric Lodge, the Harvard Morgue worker allegedly selling body pieces and parts on the black market. MacLean was an integral part of this human remains trafficking ring.

Maclean made creepy dolls, skulls, and other eerie items. What her customers didn’t know (or may have known; information has yet to be released if she disclosed that she utilized real human remains) is that her creations were made from real body parts that were donated to Harvard for scientific purposes. Some items she sold were skulls decorated with pearls and other jewelry items. She also used skin, bones, and dissected heads.

Maclean had an Instagram and an online store where she sold her creepy “treasures” on. What is most alarming is that she launched her shop in 2018. Last month Maclean had her day in court. Are you curious how much prison time she was sentenced to for buying and using human remains? Zero. She was released.

MacLean’s Unjust Day in Court

MacLean, appeared before a Boston federal court last month, shockingly accused of dealing in macabre stolen merchandise. In a dark twist, she’s said to have illicitly procured two dissected heads for a mere $600 directly from a rogue manager Cedric Lodge of Harvard Medical School’s morgue. Once generously donated for the noble cause of scientific research, MacLean allegedly peddled these invaluable remains for cold, hard cash in the form of creepy, disgusting, and gross dolls.

Screen Shot 2023 07 30 at 3.46.59 PMSuch a grievous act carries the weight of a 10-year sentence. Yet, in what many see as a baffling act of leniency, the judge released MacLean, citing the non-violent nature of her alleged dealings. She now awaits another day in court, this time in Pennsylvania. Tears streamed down her face, not of remorse, but of relief, as she was told she could momentarily evade justice and head home.

Remarkably, MacLean faced little consequence for her deeply unsettling actions. As families grapple with the horrifying revelation that their loved ones’ remains were callously traded and desecrated, MacLean continues unfazed. It’s vital to remember the actual transgressions at hand and the shadowy figures involved, like the notorious Cedric Lodge.

Cedric Lodge and the Human Remain Trafficking Ring

Screen Shot 2023 07 30 at 3.47.46 PMHearing the words “Human Remain Trafficking Ring” conjures up eerie images from horror tales of yore. But the reality, as 2023 has shown us, is far more chilling. Cedric Lodge’s name has become synonymous with the nefarious black market dealings in the hallowed halls of Harvard Medical School. As more details emerge, the story is as enthralling as it is horrifying.
The Rise and Fall of Cedric Lodge

Cedric Lodge, an American, started working at Harvard Medical School’s Anatomical Gift Program in 1995. For those unfamiliar with the term, this program allows individuals to will their bodies to the institution for academic research. It’s a noble gesture, helping further the progress of medical science.

But behind the noble facade, a sinister plot was hatching. As morgue manager, Lodge held a position of trust and had unparalleled access to these bodies, which, unknown to the university and the families of the deceased, became his personal inventory for a nefarious online business.
The Anatomy of a Crime

From 2018 to 2022, Lodge’s alleged activities extended beyond just providing bodies for research. According to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Lodge had begun trafficking body parts on the black market. The audacity and extent of his operation are startling: prospective buyers could even visit the morgue to choose their preferred parts, making the whole setup eerily reminiscent of a gruesome butcher shop.

In the US, while the sale of services linked to cadaver procurement is allowed, selling actual bodies or their parts is firmly prohibited. Lodge’s inventory ranged from heads and brains to bones and skin. But perhaps the most heart-wrenching aspect of his operation was the alleged sale of stillborn babies. These innocent souls, meant to be cremated and returned to their mourning families, were instead trafficked.

A Digital Trail

In today’s digital age, it’s astonishing that such activities could go unnoticed. But the audacity of Lodge’s buyers was equally shocking. In a grim flaunting of their ill-gotten gains, one buyer posted a photo of a real human skull on Instagram, while another purchased human skin with an intention that defies comprehension: to craft leather.

Justice Beckons

The day of reckoning came on May 6, 2023, when Harvard Medical School terminated Lodge’s employment. Subsequently, on June 14, Cedric, his wife, and three others were indicted by a grand jury. They faced allegations of theft, sale of body parts, conspiracy, and interstate transport of stolen goods.

The USA v. Lodge, 23-cr-00159 case remains active at the United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania. As the trial continues, it serves as a stark reminder of the depths of depravity that can exist even within esteemed institutions.

The Bigger Picture

morgue medical room, medical clinic, surgical table in the morguThe Cedric Lodge incident, while horrifying, raises broader questions about oversight and the ease with which black markets can thrive, even in the most unexpected places. How many more Cedric Lodges are out there, operating from within trusted institutions?

It also brings to light the importance of online and offline vigilance. As the world becomes more interconnected, it’s easier than ever for illegal operations to exist right under our noses. Monitoring platforms like Instagram, where evidence of this crime was brazenly flaunted, becomes increasingly vital.

In the wake of this scandal, institutions and authorities alike need to bolster their security and vetting processes, ensuring that those in positions of trust are truly worthy of it.

While the Cedric Lodge case will undoubtedly be remembered for its chilling details, it must also act as a catalyst for change, forcing us to reckon with the systems and oversight mechanisms we have in place. Only by acknowledging and addressing these issues can we hope to prevent such heinous acts in the future.

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