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Oh, Lord…

Where on Earth do these people come from? Where did they go to school? What have they spent their life doing?

How is it humanly possible that in the digital age where everyone has a supercomputer in their pocket, anyone could be as miss informed as these people are? I think at this point to be this miss informed you literally have to edit your information intake to just Fox News and social media. That’s the only way you can be this lost on current events. The crazy part is that these people really believe it. True zombie believers walking around with brains full of mush repeating dumb shut they read on the internet over and over again, a truly pathetic existence to be sure. Yet, many line up to live it in modern-day America. I guess for them the feeling of inclusion in the Trump community is worth making a fool of themselves to the rest of the world.

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Patrick Zarrelli

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