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The Build-Up

Leading up to the championship game, both Michigan and Washington had demonstrated their prowess on the gridiron. Michigan, under the guidance of their head coach, had navigated a challenging schedule, defeating formidable opponents with a combination of solid defense and explosive offensive plays. On the other side, the Washington Huskies showcased their resilience, overcoming tough matchups to earn their spot in the championship game. In a football clash that captivated the nation, the 2024 National Championship Game in College Football witnessed the Michigan Wolverines facing off against the Washington Huskies. With both teams showcasing exceptional skill and determination throughout the season, the title showdown promised to be an unforgettable battle. In the end, it was the Michigan Wolverines who emerged victorious with an outstanding running attack, claiming the coveted championship and etching their names in college football history.

Michigan vs Washington

The Game

The National Championship Game unfolded at a fever pitch, with fans from both sides filling the stadium to capacity. The first half saw a hard fought contested battle, as Michigan and Washington exchanged blows in a display of skill and strategy. The Wolverines offense answered first when they went 8 plays, 84-yards, taking up 4:46 off the clock with Donovan Edwards went 41-yards for a touchdown run. Washington would answer with a 14 play, 67-yard drive, ending with quarterback Michael Penix Jr. incompleting a third down pass setting up kicker Grady Gross 25-yard field goal. Michigan 7 Washington 3. The Wolverines responded once again with 2 big plays a 37-yard pass completion to Roman Wilson, and Edwards running for a 46-yard touchdown run his second touchdown of the game. Michigan 14 Washington 3.

Edwards Michigan

Second Quarter

After a punt by the Huskies, Michigan would go 5 plays 65-yards with kicker James Turner making a 31-yard field goal. Michigan 17 Washington 3. Washington’s next drive would end with them going for it on a 4th down and 7-yards to go, to only have receiver Rome Odunze drop a wide open pass from Penix Jr. Both teams would exchange punts, with Michigan’s next possession coming up 2-yards short on a 4th down attempt, giving Washington decent field position for their next drive. Washington goes 11 plays, 61-yards taking four minutes off the clock resulting in the Huskies going for it on fourth down and goal, as Penix Jr. found Jalen McMillan for a 3-yard touchdown pass. Making it Michigan 17 Washington 10 with 0:42 second left in the second quarter.

penix td CFP

Third Quarter

As the game progressed, it became clear that both teams were evenly matched, and every yard gained was hard-fought. The tension in the stadium reached a climax as the third quarter began, with the championship hanging in the balance. Washington starts with the ball, but doesn’t last long as Penix throws an interception on the second play of the drive, setting up Michigan for a 38-yard field goal by kicker James Turner Michigan 20 Washington 10. The next drive saw Washington go 7 plays, 47-yards, with the Huskies coming up 4-yards short on 3rd down, so the Huskies settled for a Grady Gross 45-yard field goal. Michigan 20 Washington 13, with both teams trading punts resulting with Michigan having a 7 point lead at the end of the third quarter.

Michigan Field Goal

Fourth Quarter

More punting starts the fourth quarter, with a very questionable holding call by Washington on a 32-yard pass completion from Penix to Romw Odunze killing the drive resulting in another punt. Michigan starts the next drive with J.J. McCarthy completing a 41-yard pass to tight end Colston Loveland, setting up 4 plays later running back Blake Corum 12-yard touchdown run, making it Michigan 27 Washington 13.

The Turning Point

In a defining moment late in the fourth quarter, Michigan seized control of the game with a crucial turnover. The Wolverines’ defense intercepted a pass from Washington’s quarterback Penix with defensive back Mike Sainristil returning it 80-yards, swinging the momentum in their favor. Capitalizing on the turnover, Michigan’s offense orchestrated two running plays culminating in a Blake Corum touchdown run that ultimately proved to be the deciding factor in the championship outcome. Michigan 34 Washington 13. Several standout performances contributed to Michigan’s success. Lead by their running game, Blake Corum had 20 carries with 133-yards and two touchdowns, Donovan Edwards had 6 cariies for 106-yards and two touchdowns as well. They finished with 304 total rushing yards as a team on the night. The Wolverines defense displayed poise, while the defense making critical stops when it mattered most. On the Washington side, despite the loss, individual players showcased exceptional skill and determination, earning the respect of fans and opponents alike.

Michigan Head Coach


As the final whistle blew, the Michigan Wolverines jubilantly celebrated their 34-13 victory on the grand stage. Players, coaches, and fans alike erupted in joy as confetti filled the air, marking the culmination of a remarkable season. The championship win not only showcased Michigan’s football prowess but also solidified their place in college football history. The 2024 National Championship Game will be remembered as a clash of titans, with Michigan emerging as the deserving champions. The journey to the title was fraught with challenges, but the Wolverines’ resilience, strategic prowess, and ability to perform under pressure ultimately secured their place at the pinnacle of college football. As the confetti settled and the celebration continued, the 2024 National Championship Game left an indelible mark on the sport, reminding fans of the unpredictability and excitement that make college football a beloved American tradition.


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