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Everyone knows that teenagers use Facebook all of the time, they love Facebook! Some of them practically live on it, and with the construction of the Metaverse, they’ll get the chance to immerse themselves in it even more. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual, Facebook doesn’t love them back. In a recent incident that as bizarre as it is tragic, Facebook took a stand on anti-abortion laws by releasing data from a teenager who had an abortion. 

Feel like you’re in 1984 yet? Not the awesome one as in the actual year when the music rocked and there was cash and coke everywhere with hairspray in the air, literally. We’re talking about the 1984 from the book, the really scary one where oppressive forces watched your every move and made trendy things like privacy a thing of the past. Well, that’s the 1984 we’re living in today, actually, we’ve probably already been camping out here for a number of years now, but who’s counting?   

Here’s what you need to know about the latest tragedy of the post-Roe V. Wade overturn era and how developments like this are sending the nation backward and shocking intelligent people around the world.  

Forget Facebook Jail, These Days, Facebook Is Sending People to the Real Thing

Imagine being 17 years old, pregnant, and scared. It’s not something that many people take time to think about. In order to understand what’s happening in this country after Roe V. Wade was overturned, you have to empathize. A 17-year-old girl arranged for a home abortion using medication and was arrested for it. To make matters worse, her mother was also arrested for helping her and they’re now facing an array of felony and misdemeanor charges. 

No one should be arrested for trying to make decisions about their own body, especially in the United States, a place where ideals like personal liberty and freedom were supposed to be enshrined. 

So how did the authorities, who apparently had nothing better to do crack the case on a frightened teenage girl who had an abortion? Facebook, that’s how. The girl’s Facebook data including private messages were given to law enforcement by Facebook. If you’ve ever joked about getting thrown in Facebook jail before, the fact that Facebook is playing a hand in getting frightened teenagers and their mothers thrown in jail over something like abortion should be quite sobering. 

Technically, the data that was given to the police came from Meta, the parent company of Facebook. The messages in question contained communications between the teenager and her mother as they talked about how to terminate the pregnancy. 

The teen elected to use a medication called Pregnot to terminate their pregnancy. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was already farther along than Pregnot’s timeframe for use and the baby emerged as a stillborn which was hidden unsuccessfully resulting in additional charges. 

Why it’s Important to Defend a Woman’s Right to Have an Abortion

There are many reasons why a woman may not want to continue with her pregnancy. Financial instability, the risk of passing on a genetic disease to the child, personal fulfillment, and unplanned pregnancy are just some of the circumstances that could lead a woman to seek an abortion. 

There are many misconceptions about abortions that prevent people from understanding why it should be accessible for women in need. These misguided ideas perpetuate the idea that terminating a pregnancy is something to be ashamed of. 

The fact is most people who oppose abortion simply have no knowledge of why women might need one or they simply don’t care and wish to impose their own preferences upon them. 

Pregnancy Can Be Harmful To Some Women

Contrary to what some people may think, not all women should go through a pregnancy as certain medical conditions can make it extremely dangerous for them. 

Some women may have pre-existing conditions that could be exacerbated by the added stress of pregnancy. Some pregnant women may have a condition that makes them unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term. This could be something like placenta praevia, in which the placenta blocks the exit of the baby from the uterus or gestational diabetes. Placenta praevia can cause severe bleeding during labor which can be life-threatening for the mother. 

Financial Instability Isn’t Good for the Mother or the Child

Some women simply do not have the financial stability to be able to raise a child. Women that don’t have the kind of support network necessary to help them raise a child are at a serious disadvantage. Furthermore, certain women may not want to bring a child into a violent or unstable environment. 

Other women may not be able to provide their child with the adequate education or medical care that they would need. The people who insist that abortion should be illegal should spend less time philosophizing and more time making an effort to help financially disadvantaged mothers support the young lives they bring into the world against their will. 

No One Should be Forced to Give Birth After a Case of Rape or Incest Should 

Abortion should be a woman’s right for many reasons, especially when rape ad incest is a factor. The possibility of a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest is terrifying. As if the assault wasn’t bad enough, many women are now being forced by unjust laws to give birth to children that are the result of rape and or incest which is something that should concern us all. 

If the child is conceived through rape or incest, the child may also suffer from physical and psychological trauma. Furthermore, if the woman has no intention of raising the child, then it would make sense to not have an abortion after a case of rape or incest. 

The Bottom Line, Women Should Have a Choice

At the end of the day, the fact that other people are going around in a Western nation insisting that they should have a say on what women do with their bodies is preposterous and frankly unacceptable.

The longer the madness goes on, the more tragedies will occur. As we have already seen time and time again, making abortion illegal doesn’t stop people from attempting to have one, all it does is ruin their lives and put them in a state of misery that’s even greater than they were already in. The entire concept of withholding the legal right for a woman to have an abortion isn’t only unjust, it’s egregiously naive. 

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