OK, my fellow rock and roll fans. I went to the Motley Crue, Poison, Joan Jett, and Def Leppard Stadium Tour concert in Miami, Florida at Hard Rock Stadium. Here is everything that you need to know if you are considering going to the concert yourself this Summer.

First off it’s a long concert day. The concert starts at 4 pm and depending on the weather and the stadium you’re at, that means it can be very hot outside and sunny. At Hard Rock Stadium here in Miami where the Dolphins play it was over 95 degrees on the field where our seats were located. The field seats we had were in section B4. So the second section from the front, on the floor. These seats cost around $200 a piece and were in the second row of the section. It was honestly a good value. The row in front of us because it was the first row in the section had a walking area in front of it that the people in the front row could basically take over. So if you get the chance to be in the first row of your section on the floor, you should jump on it. The very first section on the floor, I’m actually happy I did not buy, they were a lot more money and the stage was so big that the view was not so great for the people who paid the most for their seats.

Also, the Crue and their fans are older so there were people sitting and there was not a rush on the stage or rock-out atmosphere. It was more of a rock and roll fashion show with people having fun, drinking, and dancing. Then it was a heavy metal mosh pit type of concert. Which for me was actually great. Everyone we went with had a good time. Since the stage was not rushed or crowded, the girls we were with could walk up and be by the stage for a few songs and come back to our seats pretty easily. So it all worked out really well. They even have beer stations and food stations set up on the floor so you don’t have to walk back up into the stadium during the show unless it is to use the bathroom. The only thing about the floor seats is the heat, if the show is in an open-top stadium like the Hard Rock Stadium is here in Miami, then just be ready for it to be hot as balls. However, if you look at the video I show at the bottom of this post you can see stadium seats are actually great. This video was shot about 20 rows up in the stadium seating. I shot this on my way back from the bathroom when I saw how good the stage and lights looked from that vantage point. The stage set and screens are so freaking big that you can’t even enjoy the full show on the floor. I had no idea all of this was going on until I left the floor and walked up the stadium steps to use the bathroom. So if you get seats like 20 rows up in the stadium you can get the full show experience, which is cheaper and honestly pretty awesome if not even flat out better.

Now for the downside of the concert. All the bands sounded great but when Motley Crue got on stage the sound went to shit. You couldn’t hear Bret Michael’s vocals very well over the bass and drums. The speakers or soundboard was having massive issues. They were fighting it all set long. At one point it was so bad it hurt everyone’s ears and a complete song was ruined. Then from there, it was in and out every couple of songs. You can hear some of the sound issues in the video I shot below of the concert’s grand finale, the Crue’s classic hit Kick Start My Heart. They held it together for the final song. But, the sound issues you can still hear in the video, especially when it comes to the lack of vocals in the clip. If you go online there are a lot of complaints about the sound team and it’s honestly understandable. Def Leppard sounded amazing, then on came the Crue with very few changes to the stage, and all of a sudden the sound completely fell apart. Hopefully, the Crue can get this under control as the tour continues. Other people were upset that Tommy Lee has four broken ribs and was unable to play. But, he did show up and play the very first song of the night. Then he came out and played the piano in an awesome on-stage moment for the Crue and their fans. So all in all I feel like he did the best he could given the situation and the fans I think were just happy that he showed up at all and appreciated it.