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Fearless and Courageous Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the First 100 Days of War.

President Zelensky has literally been through it all. From being framed by President Donald Trump in one of his re-election schemes. To having Trump freeze his military aid as a favor for Vladimir Putin. To having his country invaded by a crazed autocrat obsessed with rebuilding the former U.S.S.R. To being the target of multiple advanced assassination attempts on him and his family. To leading a war effort to defend his country from a bunker. To now defiantly coming out of his bunker and running the Ukrainian government right out in the open during a major war. No matter how you slice it this man is a hero with courage pouring out of his ears! The man is living an epic life, he could die tomorrow, and he would still be an international legend. Hopefully, he is around for a lot longer than that. Since it is clear that the entire country of Ukraine is riding on this man’s shoulders. The citizens and military feed off his strength and resilience every single day.

The war that everyone thought would be over in 48 hours. The war where Russian invaders literally made dinner reservations in the country that they were taking over! Has now lasted an astonishing 100 days. With the Ukrainians putting up a proper fight to defend their homeland. Completely dispelling the Russians from anywhere near their capital city of Kyiv and pinning the battlefield down to just the country’s border areas with Russia. The downside is that in this small area the Russian army is much stronger. Since they have packed all their military might into such a small geographical area. They have also learned from their previous mistakes and have become better and more organized in their war efforts. Creating an even greater need for aid to help Ukraine defend itself from this unlawful invasion. There is no telling how long that aid will last with United States elections coming up, with republican politicians deep in Putin’s pocket, and with the general idiotic and self-defeating gridlock that our government is consumed by on a daily basis. So this war is far from over folks. These heroes still need our full support and will for many months to come. Glory to Ukraine!

Putin’s Invasion By The Numbers:

Ukrainian Civilian Deaths: 4,169

Ukrainian Children’s Deaths: 268

Russian Soldier’s Deaths: 28,000

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