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Residents of Miami Mobile Home Park Fight Eviction in Legal Battle Against Property Owners

Miami, FL – June 4, 2024 – Hundreds of residents at Palm Lakes Mobile Home Park in Miami are facing an uncertain future as they battle eviction notices from their property owners. The residents have filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County court, demanding the right to remain in their homes despite alleged neglect and deteriorating living conditions.

The lawsuit, initiated by the homeowners’ association, claims that the property owners are deliberately withholding essential services, including garbage pickup, sewer and water line maintenance, and adequate storm drainage. The association alleges that these actions are part of a strategy to force residents out before a land use change takes effect.

“It’s not fair that they’ve been paying their rent and living on the property for so many years,” said Milka Jiménez, a resident advocate. “There are so many elderly people, women, families, and children who are being displaced.”

Despite the adverse conditions, many residents, like Delhi Ramirez, who has lived at Palm Lakes for over a decade, want to stay. Ramirez described the squalid conditions, saying, “The black water from the waste comes up the property and it stinks. There’s no hygiene and maintenance of the property.”

Photographs and videos taken by residents show the severity of the issues they are facing, including raw sewage and unkempt grounds. The residents argue that these problems are exacerbated by the property owners’ refusal to perform necessary upkeep, further compromising their quality of life.

In response to the lawsuit, the property owners have stated that they cannot comment on the matter as it is currently under litigation. However, the residents claim that their attempts to communicate with the management team have been ignored, leaving them feeling abandoned and unheard.

On Tuesday, the residents held a press conference to bring attention to their plight and to demand that the park be brought up to code. They are calling for immediate improvements to the living conditions and for their right to stay in their homes to be upheld.

“We just want to live in a safe and healthy environment,” said Jiménez. “This is our community, and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”

A hearing is set for August, and the residents are hopeful that the court will rule in their favor, allowing them to remain in their homes and compelling the property owners to provide the necessary services and maintenance.

The situation at Palm Lakes Mobile Home Park highlights the broader issues of affordable housing and tenant rights in Miami, where many low-income residents are increasingly vulnerable to displacement. As the legal battle continues, the residents of Palm Lakes remain determined to fight for their homes and their community.

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