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With millions of people traveling over the holidays, many are bringing the gift of Christmas cheer. Unfortunately, many others chose to try bringing guns into our airports, especially down here in Florida, where the TSA has reported record numbers. 

According to the Transportation Security Administration, a record-breaking number of people have been caught with guns in their bags at Florida airports and other locations throughout the United States. Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is encouraging legislators to modify state law so that people can carry a firearm without a permit

Carrying a gun without a permit is a dangerous and irresponsible action that should not be allowed. The consequences of carrying a gun without a permit can be dire and can include physical harm and even death. 

Not only does it put the life of the person carrying the gun at risk, but it can also put the lives of innocent bystanders in danger, as well as the communities in which the person resides. Here’s what you need to know about why gun control laws should be strengthened instead of weakened.

Why Gun Control Is an Important Issue

The United States has one of the most heavily armed populations in the world. While gun rights advocates claim that these high rates of gun ownership are necessary for self-protection and for maintaining the country’s status as a free and democratic society, others claim that the high rates of gun ownership are a danger to public safety and are a sign of an increasingly violent culture. Regardless of which side you’re on in the ongoing debate on gun control, gun ownership comes with great responsibility.

When both the authorities and the general public have access to guns, however, it makes the situation much more dangerous, as gun owners are more likely to use their guns to resolve conflicts, and the authorities are more likely to employ deadly force in situations that would otherwise be de-escalated.

What are the Physical Dangers of Carrying a Gun Without a Permit?

Gun owners are more likely to be involved in violent incidents than non-gun owners. In fact, the rate of gun-related deaths is positively correlated with rates of gun ownership. This suggests that carrying a gun without a permit can lead to physical harm as well as psychological harm. The type of person who might be inclined to carry a gun without a permit may be more likely to be involved in violent incidents, either as the perpetrator or the victim. 

The ease with which guns can be obtained and carried by non-professionals means that the likelihood of accidental shootings is higher, as untrained individuals are less likely to be able to handle the pressure of a dangerous situation properly.

How Does Carrying a Gun Without a Permit Put the Community at Risk?

As with any weapon, guns can be used as tools for causing psychological and physical harm. Owning a gun is a huge responsibility and one that should only be taken on by trained professionals who know how to handle themselves and others around them in dangerous situations. 

Carrying a gun without a permit may put the lives of non-professionals and innocent bystanders at risk. Unlicensed gun owners may not be prepared to handle the situation properly and may end up accidentally or negligently shooting someone. 

The victim’s life may be at risk, as well as their ability to function normally in society. Carrying a gun without a permit can also put the lives of the communities in which the person resides at risk. If the authorities have reason to believe that someone is carrying a gun illegally, they may employ excessive force during an arrest. This can result in the death of both the suspect and bystanders.

If You Need a License to Drive, You Should Need a Permit to Own a Gun

Driving a vehicle presents a danger to the driver, passengers, and pedestrians, and it is for that reason that one must be licensed in order to drive. The government requires that all drivers who want to operate a vehicle have a license, and the process of obtaining a license is rigorous and extensive. 

The government requires drivers to take a course, pass a test, and have a clean driving record in order to be licensed. If you want to drive a vehicle, you must prove that you know how to operate it, that you are responsible enough to handle it, and that you know how to minimize the danger to yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. 

You also have to pass a test and pay a fee to the government in order to be licensed. Owning a gun is an even more dangerous weapon than driving a vehicle, and so should have extreme requirements for licensing. If you need a license to drive a car, you should have to have a permit to own a gun.

Why Carrying a Gun Without a Permit Should Not Be Allowed

In conclusion, the danger of carrying a gun without a permit cannot be overstated. It puts the life of the person carrying the gun at risk and threatens the lives of every other person around them as well. There is no situation in which carrying a gun without a permit should be allowed. The consequences are too severe and wide-reaching, and the danger that it presents far outweighs any possible benefit. 

With a record number of guns coming into the state and a political climate that is largely opposed to strict gun control laws, we need a change. The more people wield firearms in the state of Florida, the more unnecessary danger people are exposed to. 

The good news is that laws can change, and people can take action. Now is the time to take such action and work toward a safer future, a future that we can all enjoy, one that has fewer guns, less violence, and more peace of mind. While possible, that future will take a lot of hard work to achieve. 


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