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On August 6th, the “Pot Daddy” himself, personal injury attorney John Morgan, stated he is going to be putting efforts ahead for the legalization of recreational marijuana. John Morgan was a very large representative for the 2016 movement for medical marijuana legalization. He says that “I believe that #marijuana should be legal!” Seems like you can expect a movement in the coming 2020 ballot.


Pot Daddy?


Yes, you read that correctly. John Morgan posted this promotion of marijuana for recreational use the morning of August 6th titling himself as the #PotDaddy. As he stands up to once again represent marijuana in his never-ending crusade. The goals being the legalization of recreational marijuana for Florida. It is definitely a possible positive outcome for Florida. You can’t argue with the statistical data that shows an increase in the economy of states that have legalized recreational marijuana.



What Will it Take?


For this amendment to reach legislation, their will need to be at minimum 60% in favor for the movement. However, this looks more than possible as Florida seems to hold a very high backing for the marijuana movement according to a poll by Quinnipiac University. He is not alone though! Florida lawmaker Shevrin Jones filed a legislation on August 5th to decriminalize possession and delivery of low quantities of marijuana.

If these two groups collaborate together and increase their movement in a fashion that the secures the public’s vote, then legalization of the use of recreational marijuana will be achieved. There will need to be support for the movement as John Morgan asks. “But I will need help, I think it is coming!” Don’t forget, if you’re in favor of this movement they do need all the support they can get. The valiant personal injury attorney John Morgan strongly believes this will be a reckoning in the history of recreational marijuana.

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