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Trumpsters aside, many Americans have seen President Joe Biden as a source of steady strength and security that has given them hope after surviving some of the darkest times in American history. Faced with the horrors of the pandemic, fear was widespread throughout the United States before the vaccines were introduced. Unfortunately, the trouble didn’t end there as a surprising number of people, many of them acolytes of the MAGA movement, stalwartly refused to accept the vaccine. The more people who refused to get vaccinated, the slower progress became as the nation trudged on through the darkness of COVID toward a brighter, healthier future. Today, some people have already begun to forget the pandemic conditions that were imposed when the nation was within COVID’s grasp. Many others, however, remember the efforts we all had to make to put COVID in the past. We wore masks; we took vaccines and our booster shots too. We watched out for each other and put in the work to help us move on from COVID as a society and as a species. Then, of course, there are the anti-vaxxers, those luddites who stubbornly refuse to do their part in the name of human health and collective wellbeing. Today, they have a number of presidential candidates willing to take the anti-vaxxer agenda to new extremes just to get votes. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently announced his candidacy as he began his run for president. As a Democratic candidate, he will be in direct competition with current President Joe Biden. Throughout the pandemic, President Joe Biden has remained steadfast in his commitment to helping America heal by taking the vaccine and eradicating COVID from our lives. On the other hand, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made waves by aligning himself with the anti-vaxxer camp. This means that we have two very different candidates looking to take the reigns of the Democratic Party and the country. 

What Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Candidacy Could Mean for the Presidential Election of 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy could send the presidential election of 2024 in a direction that no one really expected. Just like the Republicans have practically worshipped Ronald Reagan for decades, many Democratic voters will always count John F. Kennedy as the greatest President of the United States. John F. Kennedy changed this country in ways that few presidents before or since ever managed to do. We’re talking about the guy who built Camelot, not the proto-British warrior king of Arthurian mythology; no, we’re talking about the American Camelot of the 1960s. The fact that someone from the Kennedy family is running for president again is sure to generate much excitement. Unfortunately, their position on getting vaccinated against COVID-19 could cause a great deal of contention. 

How Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Candidacy Could Divide Democratic Voters 

Although many Democrats were excited upon hearing the news that a Kennedy is running for president, the candidate’s position on COVID vaccination created a divide within the party’s ranks. An overwhelming majority of Democrats are in favor of the vaccine; however, some of them may still choose to take interest in the idea of having Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as president. This means that the Democrats who are passionate about the health of this nation need to band together and hold firm. Those who never want to see COVID-19 overwhelm the country again can thank the efforts of President Joe Biden for putting COVID in its place. His drive and commitment to encouraging the country to get vaccinated helped us outpace the virus and get a chance to rebuild. Businesses that were once shuttered and closed were able to reopen again as the pandemic receded ever slowly into history. 

Remembering the Triumphs of Joe Biden’s Presidency and Our Victory Over COVID-19

At the end of the day, those of us on the Left have to take time to reflect on the triumphs that Joe Biden has brought us while serving as our President. Although it’s practically customary to focus on the rough patches of a presidency when evaluating someone looking to get re-elected, it can be more beneficial to focus on the good parts. That said, when you consider the facts, President Joe Biden has brought us a great deal to be thankful for. After assuming office as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden has made significant strides as our President. Drawing on his decades of experience in public service, President Biden has achieved several notable accomplishments during his time in office, focusing on key issues such as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, racial equity, and international relations.

Climate Change: President Biden has taken decisive action to combat climate change, rejoining the Paris Agreement on his first day in office. He has also initiated ambitious plans to transition the United States to a clean energy economy, including setting a goal of achieving a carbon-free power sector by 2035 and creating jobs through investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and green infrastructure.

COVID-19 Response: President Biden prioritized tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, rolling out an extensive vaccination campaign to provide millions of Americans with access to life-saving vaccines. He also signed the American Rescue Plan into law, which has provided crucial economic relief to individuals, families, and businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Racial Equity: President Biden has taken steps to address racial inequality in the United States, signing executive orders to promote inclusion while advancing policies to address systemic racism. 

International Relations: President Biden has worked to restore diplomatic relationships with global allies and rebuild the United States’ international standing. While Donald Trump was a divisive figure as President, Joe Biden has been able to mend fences with nations around the world. One of the greatest gestures, of course, was rejoining the Paris Agreement, which made a huge statement. 

As you can see, we have a lot to be thankful for now that Joe Biden has been President for the past few years. That said, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy is sure to make some waves in the 2024 election. As the election is still some time away, we have plenty of time to see how it all unfolds. That said, we are living in one of the most intriguing times in American political history.  

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