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Donald Trump is the ultimate grievance holder.

Former President Trump has more grievances than any human who has ever lived. This is interesting since he has also lived one of the most privileged lives of any human who has ever lived. But for Trump living a life of privilege far better than 99% of humans who have ever set foot on planet Earth, is not enough for him. No, he also needs attention, and lots of it!

So he spends an endless amount of energy running his mouth and trying to infuriate liberals. While simultaneously motivating far-right wing angry voters to attend his rallies and vote for him. All by saying the dumbest things any human has ever said out loud on a regular basis. This bizarre problem is compounded by the fact that Florida Governor Ron DeSanits does whatever he can to copy Trump’s bizarre and divisive behavior.

Imagine being the Governor of a state and still being a political follower. Like what’s the point of accomplishing that lofty leadership goal just to act like someone else? I get Ron DeSantis had to copy Trump to get elected. But he is here now, in office, so why not be yourself at this point? DeSantis is going to be very sad when he eventually loses a race and has to wonder if he would have won just being himself. When you spend your most important moments acting like someone else, you miss out on enjoying them as your true self.

Seth Meyers examines this bizarre political phenomenon in A Closer Look on Late Night.

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