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The War in Ukraine is Turning In Russia’s Favor.

Russian soldiers are advancing in the East of Ukraine. After countless losses, the Russians are becoming more organized and battle-tested. That combined with their total ruthlessness, and willingness to hit civilian targets, and murder regular citizens in groups. Has made their reign over Eastern Ukraine, a reign of terror, for the good people of this formerly independent nation. Food, water, medicine, and other key essential products are in short supply. Women, children, and men are murdered by the Russians indiscriminately. The world is providing aid to Ukraine but not enough and not fast enough. The Biden administration was criticized earlier for not helping as soon as he could have. Then they seemed to have the war under control for a bit. Using powerful United States intel to thwart the Russians at every turn. Now however amid the hardcore fighting of Eastern Ukraine, the United States again seems to be falling behind in its war effort to help the Ukrainians fight off the Russian advance. To win this bloody war the Ukrainians need time and soldiers. Neither one of which the United States can or will give them.

As each city in Eastern Ukraine falls the people there are subject to unseen before in our lifetime horrors. The power is never on, the running water is often shut down, and the cities’ infrastructures have been completely reduced to rubble by Russia’s indiscriminate bombing. All that is left are apocalyptic-looking cities in ruins. Filled with unexploded ammunition, land mines, and all sorts of other dangers. The building structures themselves in some cases are partially still standing creating an architectural and engineering nightmare. That endangers everyone near them until they are fixed or demolished. What the Russians are doing to the innocent people of Ukraine is an atrocity of epic proportions. The entire world should have immediately surrounded and wrapped itself around Ukraine to prevent this barbarianism from ever happening in the first place. What we have now is a geopolitical quagmire that could easily end in a nuclear war. Because the United States can’t let Russia win and Russia can’t lose. So where does that leave us?

Russian soldiers and their equipment are making steady progress on Ukraine’s eastern flank with renewed organization and technique. Through the use of concentrated artillery and air power, they have been able to create pockets of weakness in the Ukrainian defense and then advance into those areas. The Russian military now controls almost all of the Luhansk region and is currently threatening to encircle thousands of Ukraine’s most experienced troops in the area. This could mark an irreversible turning point in the war in Ukraine. It is imperative that Ukraine and the free world do not let these troops get surrounded, as they did in the steel plant in Maripol. That they not let these troops be killed in a gunfight coming at them from all angles. This would be a devastating and moral-breaking loss and the loss of some of the best troops in the Ukrainian fighting force. The truth is we thought we were winning this war and we turned away for just a second and that is all Putin needed to take back control. Putin has us on the run again as he continues his massacre of the innocent people of Ukraine.

Plain and simple we need to make sure Ukraine wins this war and something has to be done about Putin once and for all. It’s time for serious action, it’s time to end this war and the reign of Putin. Nothing else will suffice.

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