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Sam Feldt

Sam Feldt is a Dutch DJ, record producer, and musician known for his contributions to the tropical house genre. Born on August 1, 1993, in Boxtel, Netherlands, Feldt gained recognition for his remixes of popular songs and his own original tracks.

Feldt’s musical journey began at a young age when he learned to play the piano and guitar. He started producing electronic music while attending the Rock Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands. In 2013, he released his breakthrough track, a remix of Robin S.’s “Show Me Love,” which garnered widespread attention and chart success. This remix helped establish Feldt’s signature sound, characterized by catchy melodies, uplifting vibes, and tropical-inspired elements.

Since then, Sam Feldt has continued to release a string of successful singles and remixes, collaborating with various artists from different genres. Some of his notable tracks include “Summer on You” featuring Lucas & Steve and Wulf, “Post Malone” featuring RANI, and “Show Me Love” featuring Kimberly Anne. His music often combines tropical house elements with pop sensibilities, creating a feel-good and accessible sound.

Feldt has performed at numerous music festivals and venues around the world, including Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and EDC Las Vegas. His energetic and engaging live performances have earned him a dedicated fan base.

Beyond his music career, Sam Feldt is also involved in environmental and social causes. In 2018, he launched the “Heartfeldt Foundation,” focusing on promoting a sustainable lifestyle and supporting environmental initiatives. He actively advocates for sustainability within the music industry and aims to inspire others to make a positive impact.

Sam Feldt’s music has achieved global recognition, with his tracks accumulating millions of streams and views on various platforms. He continues to evolve as an artist, exploring new sounds and collaborating with both established and emerging talents.

Overall, Sam Feldt is an accomplished Dutch DJ and producer known for his infectious tropical house sound. With his uplifting melodies, catchy tracks, and commitment to sustainability, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene.

Jonas Blue

Jonas Blue is an English DJ, record producer, and songwriter who has made a significant impact on the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. Born Guy James Robin on August 2, 1989, in London, England, Jonas Blue gained international recognition for his catchy remixes and original tracks.

Blue’s musical career took off in 2015 when he released his breakthrough single, a tropical house remix of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” The track became a massive hit, topping the charts in several countries and introducing Jonas Blue to a global audience. Known for his ability to infuse EDM with pop elements, his remixes often feature infectious melodies, uplifting vibes, and catchy hooks.

Following the success of “Fast Car,” Jonas Blue continued to release a string of popular tracks, collaborating with various artists. Some of his notable songs include “Perfect Strangers” featuring JP Cooper, “Mama” featuring William Singe, and “Rise” featuring Jack & Jack. These tracks have achieved chart success and garnered millions of streams and views on various digital platforms.

In addition to his remixes and original tracks, Jonas Blue has worked as a producer and songwriter for other artists. He has collaborated with notable musicians such as Ellie Goulding, Becky Hill, and Liam Payne, among others, helping to create chart-topping hits in the pop and dance genres.

Jonas Blue has performed at numerous music festivals and venues around the world, showcasing his energetic and engaging live performances. He has toured extensively, playing in front of large audiences and gaining a dedicated fan base.

Beyond his music career, Jonas Blue is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in various charitable initiatives, supporting causes related to education and children’s welfare.

With his blend of EDM and pop sensibilities, Jonas Blue has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry. His infectious remixes, original tracks, and collaborations have propelled him to international stardom. Known for his ability to create feel-good and accessible music, Jonas Blue continues to evolve as an artist, exploring new sounds and pushing the boundaries of EDM.

Endless Summer

“Endless Summer” is a phrase commonly associated with the concept of an ideal summer experience that is full of joy, relaxation, and memorable moments. It represents the desire for an extended period of warm weather, outdoor activities, and a carefree lifestyle. The phrase gained popularity through various cultural references, including songs, films, and literature.

In the realm of music, one notable reference is the song “Endless Summer” by German DJ and producer Oceana, released in 2012. The track became an anthem for the summer season, celebrating the spirit of freedom, adventure, and positive vibes associated with this time of year.

In popular culture, the phrase “Endless Summer” is often used to evoke the idea of an eternal summer, a state of perpetual vacation or happiness. It conjures images of beautiful beaches, sunsets, road trips, and leisurely activities. It has been used as a theme for movies, documentaries, and books that explore the pursuit of a summer lifestyle that transcends the limitations of time.

The concept of the “Endless Summer” also ties into the longing for a break from routine and the desire to embrace a slower pace of life, away from the demands and stresses of daily responsibilities. It embodies the notion of making the most of the warm weather, enjoying outdoor pursuits, spending time with loved ones, and creating lasting memories.

Whether it’s through music, movies, literature, or personal experiences, the idea of the “Endless Summer” captures the essence of a cherished season that symbolizes freedom, joy, and a sense of eternal happiness. It serves as a reminder to savor the present moment, embrace the beauty of nature, and create a lifetime’s worth of summer memories.



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