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The South Florida coastline is renowned for its incomparable beauty as it has attracted casual beach walkers and partygoers alike for nearly a century. As beautiful as the beaches of South Florida are, they are also hotbeds of danger when considering the recurrent risk of a shark attack. 

Another shark attack has occurred, one that ended particularly badly. The recent attack should serve as a reminder to us all to be careful while enjoying the vibrant blue waters of the Florida coast. 

The odds of being attacked by a shark, while slim, are still high enough to take seriously. Many people believe that the risk of attack is so low, in fact, that it almost never happens. This isn’t exactly true. 

A shark recently attacked a teenager in Florida waters. Given the severity of the attack, anyone planning to be swimming in South Florida waters should familiarize themselves with the different species of sharks found in Florida waters. You should also familiarize yourself with their habits and the locations where they have been known to frequent. 

Teenager Suffers Grave Injuries in Tragic Florida Shark Attack

A teenager was recently attacked by a shark in the waters off Keaton Beach, Florida. The water was only 5 feet deep, which means people should exercise caution while swimming in waters of similar depth. 

The teenager was unable to break free from the shark and had to be rescued by a relative who physically assaulted the shark until it finally let go of their loved one. As a result of the attack, the teenage girl’s leg was severely injured. 

Although they were lucky enough to survive, they suffered a great deal before and after the shark was driven away. Her wounds required surgery after being airlifted to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare.  

The recent shark attack should remind us all to be careful while enjoying the bright and beautiful coastal waters of Florida. The danger that sharks present is real, however, by avoiding their natural habitats and known hunting grounds, we can reduce the risk of an attack. Today, it’s more important than ever to respect sharks and make an effort to stay out of their way.  

What Kinds of Sharks Are Found in Florida?

There are several species of sharks found in Florida waters. The most commonly seen species are the blacktip and the spinner shark. Of course, there are some other kinds of sharks found in our waters.

  •  Bull Shark: This is the only species of shark that can live in both saltwater and freshwater. They can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. Bull sharks are known to be particularly aggressive towards humans.  
  • Caribbean Reef Shark: This species can also be found in Florida waters. These sharks can grow to as long as 9 feet in length which means they’re not to be trifled with!
  • Tiger Shark: This is one of the most aggressive sharks in the world and is capable of swimming long distances. In terms of aggression towards humans, they are bested only by Great White Sharks, which is quite a statement. 
  • Lemon Shark: Lemon sharks are relatively small compared to other species of sharks. They are found in Florida waters as well as the Caribbean more generally. You should know that they are not as aggressive as other types of sharks. 

What Behaviors Might Lead to a Shark Attack?

Certain behaviors can make you a more likely target for a shark attack. By understanding these behaviors and avoiding them, you can reduce your chances of being attacked by a shark in Florida waters significantly. 

Swimming too close to seals and other prey animals can make you a prime target for a shark. Likewise, swimming too close to shore can encourage certain types of sharks to attack you. Additionally, swimming at night is highly unadvisable as sharks are prone to hunting at night.

Ingesting too much alcohol is also a bad idea for anyone hoping to avoid being victimized by a shark. Wearing shiny jewelry while swimming or diving can attract sharks and encourage them to attack you. 

Being in the water while injured is a sure way to attract a shark as they are attracted to blood. Being too far from other swimmers can also be dangerous. It’s always best to stay with a group in case there’s an attack. 

How Can You Avoid a Shark Attack While in Florida?

There are a number of things that you can do to avoid becoming a shark attack in Florida  First of all, you should take note of where sharks have been known to roam. More importantly, you need to know where they like to hunt and feed. 

The best way to avoid a shark attack is to respect the animals and their habitats. The majority of shark attacks in Florida happen because people get too close to mangroves and other areas where sharks tend to frequent. While it is okay to swim in the ocean, you should always be mindful of where you are in relation to these animals.

How to Survive a Shark Attack While in Florida?

If you are unfortunate enough to be approached by a shark, the best thing to do is to stay as still as possible while keeping your limbs close to your body. As difficult as it may be, try not to panic as it could be the worst thing for you. Many times sharks will take interest in someone and then realize they have the wrong target, and swim away. 

In the event that a shark actually attacks, one can try to repel the shark by kicking it or punching it in the face. It’s best to keep your hands close to your body and be as aggressive as possible. Your primary goal should be to make your way back to shore. 

Once on shore, seek medical attention immediately. Remember, the recent shark attack you learned about today ended in a tragic injury. By following these tips, you can decrease your chances of being subjected to a similar fate.

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