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Rupert Murdoch is an Australian-born media mogul and business magnate born on March 11, 1931, in Melbourne, Australia. Murdoch’s career and influence in the media industry have made him one of the most powerful and controversial figures in global media. His impact on media landscapes and political discourse has been significant, and his name has become synonymous with media conglomerates and their influence over right-wing public opinion. Here are some key aspects of his life and career:

  1. Media Holdings: Rupert Murdoch is the founder and former executive chairman of News Corporation, a global media conglomerate. News Corporation has owned and operated numerous influential media properties around the world, including newspapers, television networks, film studios, and publishing companies. Some of the notable assets include Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The Times (UK), HarperCollins, and 20th Century Fox.
  2. News Corporation and 21st Century Fox: In 2013, News Corporation underwent a restructuring, separating its entertainment division from its publishing assets. The publishing assets were retained under the name News Corp, while the entertainment assets were spun off into a separate company called 21st Century Fox. However, in 2019, The Walt Disney Company acquired most of 21st Century Fox’s assets, including the film studio and television networks.
  3. Political Influence: Rupert Murdoch’s media properties, particularly Fox News, have been known for their conservative leanings. Fox News is a prominent news network in the United States that has been criticized by some for alleged bias in its reporting. Murdoch’s media outlets have often supported conservative political figures and causes, shaping public opinion on a range of issues.
  4. International Expansion: Murdoch’s media empire extends beyond the United States. He has acquired and operated media companies in various countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia. His ownership of influential British newspapers, such as The Sun and The Times, has made him a prominent figure in the British media landscape.
  5. Controversies: Throughout his career, Rupert Murdoch and his media properties have faced numerous controversies. These include allegations of phone hacking by journalists at the now-defunct News of the World, which led to legal repercussions and public inquiries in the United Kingdom. Murdoch has also faced criticism for the editorial practices of his media outlets and their impact on public discourse.
  6. Succession and Family: Rupert Murdoch has been involved in succession planning within his family. His sons James and Lachlan Murdoch have held significant roles in the management and leadership of his media empire. However, following the restructuring of News Corporation and the sale of 21st Century Fox, the family’s roles and the future of the media empire have evolved.

Fox News and Rupert Murdoch, as well as the HBO show “Succession,” share some similarities in terms of their portrayal of media, power dynamics, and the influence of wealthy individuals in the media industry. Here are some key similarities:

  1. Media Empire: Both Fox News and Rupert Murdoch, the founder of News Corporation, are emblematic of a media empire. Fox News is a prominent conservative news network in the United States, known for its conservative viewpoints and programming. Rupert Murdoch, on the other hand, is an Australian media mogul who founded News Corporation, which owns Fox News along with other media properties worldwide. Similarly, the fictional media empire portrayed in “Succession” is based on the powerful Roy family, which owns a conglomerate of media companies.
  2. Corporate Power and Influence: Both Fox News and “Succession” explore the theme of immense corporate power and influence. Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, including Fox News, has been known for its ability to shape public opinion and influence political discourse through its news coverage. “Succession” delves into the world of corporate power struggles and the dynamics within the fictional Roy family, highlighting the lengths to which they go to maintain control over their media empire.
  3. Family Dynasties: Both Fox News and “Succession” revolve around the concept of family dynasties. Rupert Murdoch’s family, particularly his sons James and Lachlan Murdoch, have been involved in the operations and leadership of News Corporation and Fox News. Similarly, “Succession” revolves around the Roy family, headed by media magnate Logan Roy, and the power struggles and conflicts that arise within the family as they vie for control over the company.
  4. Controversial News Coverage: Fox News has often been criticized for its conservative bias and controversial news coverage. Similarly, “Succession” showcases the media company owned by the Roy family engaging in questionable journalistic practices and pursuing sensationalist stories for ratings and personal gain.
  5. Influence on Politics: Both Fox News and “Succession” touch upon the influence of media on politics. Fox News has been seen as having a significant impact on conservative political narratives and has been known to support specific political agendas. “Succession” portrays the Roy family using their media empire to sway political outcomes and influence political figures for their own benefit.

It’s important to note that while there are similarities between Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and “Succession,” the show is a fictional portrayal and may not reflect all aspects of the real-life Murdoch family or Fox News. Additionally, “Succession” is a work of fiction and should be understood within the context of a television drama rather than a direct representation of real-world events.


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