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Street Racer Held Without Bond After Fatal Crash on Dale Mabry Highway

Tampa, FL – June 4, 2024 – The driver accused of racing down Dale Mabry Highway and causing a fatal crash that claimed the life of an innocent passenger will remain in jail following a hearing on Tuesday. Andy Roya Robaina, 22, waived his right to appear in court for the hearing, where he faced charges of vehicular homicide and unlawful racing on a highway.

The judge initially set bond for Robaina on both charges but revoked it due to an unrelated misdemeanor charge that Robaina was previously facing. As a result, he will not be released from jail.

According to Tampa Police, Robaina was racing another driver when he collided with a car crossing Dale Mabry on West South Avenue early Monday morning. The crash resulted in the hospitalization of the driver and his passenger, 63-year-old Linda Strickland. Strickland later succumbed to her injuries.

“She was just a good person. She would do anything for anybody,” said Joyce McMullen, Strickland’s sister. “I’ve had her all my life. I don’t know how to move forward without her.”

Linda Strickland’s death has left her family devastated. McMullen described their close bond, having been by each other’s side for about 50 years. The loss has deeply affected the family, who are now grappling with the sudden and tragic void in their lives.

Investigators are still searching for the second driver involved in the street race and are urging anyone with video or information about the crash to come forward. “There’s a victim here. There’s a victim’s family. Do the right thing. Do not live your life with this on your conscience. Come forward,” said Officer Nick Wilson. “Street racing is incredibly irresponsible, it is incredibly dangerous. It’s not only dangerous to the people who are street racing but also to the bystanders who are around and other drivers.”

The impact of the crash left Strickland’s husband with multiple broken bones. He is expected to recover physically, but the emotional toll of losing his wife is immeasurable. McMullen wants Robaina to understand the gravity of his actions. “He killed somebody,” she said. “I don’t know if he understands what he did. He took somebody very important away from her family.”

The community is mourning the loss of Linda Strickland, remembered as a kind and selfless individual. As the investigation continues, the Tampa Police Department is focused on bringing all responsible parties to justice and preventing further tragedies caused by street racing.

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