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The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial is the entertainment television gift that keeps on giving. Every day there is a new revelation that is better than courtroom TV enthusiasts could have ever hoped for, like the fact that Johnny Depp does cocaine with Marilyn Manson! That’s an interesting little tidbit don’t you think!?

The trial has been literally one celebrity news bombshell after another and one thing is for certain. Amber Heard is not an innocent babe in the woods domestic abuse survivor as she claimed in the Washington Post. Not only was she completely involved in the abuse she may have actually been the instigator and person that took things the farthest.

On one particularly memorable day in court, for instance, Depp testified that Heard was throwing vodka bottles at him during a fight and one slammed down on his finger severing the tip of his finger clean off. On another occasion, he testified that Heard took a poop on his pillow after they got in a disagreement!

You can’t make this stuff up people…



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