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Elon Musk has a preliminary deal in place to buy Twitter one of the world’s most influential social media networks for $45 billion dollars. The aggressive business move raises more questions than it answers. Like where the hell is Musk getting $45 billion dollars? His money is all tied up in SpaceX stock and Tesla stock. Anytime he is forced to sell some, to pay his taxes, he cries like a little girl and starts attacking left-wing politicians on Twitter. Same thing when his Tesla factory in California had to close for the pandemic. Musk has a long history of immature opinions, embarrassing twitter battles, stock manipulation, and leaning right-wing anytime something doesn’t go his way.

Musk also has a long history of immature internet beefs with people like Jeff Bezos who also owns a competing space program. Even though he claims to be a free speech enthusiast, it would seem by the things he says and does, that Musk has not put any real thought into what it means to own a social network like Twitter. Where hate groups will run rampant if they aren’t censored. There are also very controversial people who have caused a lot of trouble for the country currently banned on Twitter. People like Alex Jones and Donald Trump. Is Musk going to reactivate all their accounts? It seems like he very well may do that.

My only question personally is about transparency. Musk is taking Twitter private buying it from the shareholders. So who are his investors that he is keeping so secret? Why won’t he tell us? Now, he doesn’t even have to disclose them publically since Twitter will have no shareholders. It would seem to me that only Putin and the Saudis have the ridiculous amount of money needed to buy Twitter at this inflated per share price point. They also desperately both want Trump back in the office. So is this like a backyard deal between Putin, the Saudis, and others to get Trump back on Twitter right before the upcoming election? Maybe a deal brokered by someone like Jared Kushner? Twitter has a few billion in revenue a year and loses in total over $200 million dollars a year. The technology on the network is ancient compared to Instagram and Tik Tok, and Instagram sold for only one billion dollars.

You would have to be a financial idiot to buy Twitter at this price and Musk is not an idiot. So what’s really going on here? It seems like a giant end around to take control of Twitter for the only thing Twitter is actually good for, political influence in the USA. The only people who have this kind of money to blow on that type of endeavor are the worst dictators in the world. Dictators like Putin who has nothing left to lose, and desperately need Trump back in office to cut off U.S. military aid to Ukraine.



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