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Donald Trump’s Florida Beach Club Mar-a-lago Was Raided By The FBI This Past Week.

Bill Maher spends his monologue this week talking about Donald Trump pleading the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination. As well as Donald Trump’s Florida home Mar-a-lago, which doubles as a private $200,000 a year social club, being raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI raided Mar-a-lago in search of classified documents, some of which may have contained nuclear information. Others were things like classified intel on other countries and their leaders.

Trump and his team had been asked by the National Archives on many occasions to return all the documents. On one occasion the Trump team actually returned several boxes. However, it was concerning to the Archives that it seemed Trump had not returned all documents as requested and promised by team Trump. After an investigation took place, a warrant was given by the magistrate, to search the former President’s home for Top Secret intel.

The unprecedented move was a huge success, finding many boxes with some of them classified under the highest security levels possible. The real question now is why the heck did Trump have these documents there in the first place and then why did he lie and not return them when asked many times by the National Archives? I hope he wasn’t planning on selling these secrets or giving them to another country… Because that my friends would make him an espionage committing traitor.

No, if, and, or buts about it!

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