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Hello readers!

You may know me from my blogs on this site, as well as my writings for former publications and sites and My stories were very well received by many, but also made some people cry and some just used my articles as the liner for their ferret cages. I am Treez. I also go by Josh, Joshua, MisterJoshW and asshole.


More About Me

In addition to my articles, I have interviewed rapper/entertainer Dirt Nasty, world-famous DJ Irie, custom bike builder Eddie Trotta, art con-man Chad LOVE Leiberman, and sports talk radio icon, Sid Rosenberg. So, in so many words, I’m a hell of a fucking writer. But….that is not all I do. I now host my own podcast, THEMISTERJOSHPODCAST.COM and co-host another podcast with the CEO of, Patrick Zarrelli called

My podcast is an open format. It is a hybrid of commentary, reviews, interviews, man-on-the-street, panels, and even the occasional game show. It is intelligent, funny, interactive, opinionated, thought-provoking, raunchy, not-PC, and brutally honest! Most of you will hate me, some of you will love me and three of you will send me $1,000!

I started this podcast because people don’t like to read as much as they used to. They do however like listening to things. I am good at talking and keeping you interested. Sometimes that inflection and voice is necessary to truly enjoy what is being written. That is why there is an That is why they came out with books on tape before that. Motherfuckers hate to read. Did you know that approximately 32 million adults in America are considered to be illiterate? And that 14% of the entire adult population cannot read. This includes typical American heroes R. Kelly and Floyd Maywether Jr.

I included my take on the Dave Chappelle Netflix Special “Sticks & Stones” along with my little buddy Robbie Robertson from the Out of the Blank Podcast, to give you a taste. We take a deep dive into why all the pussies and babies in mainstream media are crying about this hilarious and TRUUUUUEEEE special!

I’m also posting my 3rd podcast where I drink some whiskey or bourbon (whatever) and rant on all sorts of shit. It is a classic and needs waaaaaaay more hits than what it has. You will wonder where the fuck my tinfoil hat was the whole time I am gabbing.

I sincerely think you will enjoy my pod. Actually you will love it. And you should. It will love you back unconditionally. It doesn’t care that you put ketchup on peanut butter sandwiches. It doesn’t care that you fart and snore…A LOT! It doesn’t care that you only last 34 seconds…and that is a high for the month. It loves you!

You can hear me ramble, babble and play mental scrabble (I have a killer vocab) on all of the following podcasters:


When you listen, please leave a review and a thumbs up or whatever they let you do to tell the world how great this experience was. I can help you by starting your review off by saying that “This podcast was like a Turkish bathhouse for the ears.” That sounds pretty enticing to me.

Hey! Thank you for reading another one of my informative, funny, eye-opening, jaw-dropping blogs (what used to be called articles) right here on This site covers everything from news, sports & politics to science & technology news. We have reviews and interviews. We cover the hottest podcasts and post movies and TV shows for you to watch when you have read ten blogs and need to chill your eyes.

If that isn’t enough, we chime in on animals, architecture, stupid criminal news, music videos, viral videos, as well as popular internet photos and hilarious gifs. We spread it all out like a shmear on an everything bagel!

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I am a writer, blogger, podcaster, jew, asshole, and highly intelligent mammalian lifeform. Actually, I just really like the word 'mammalian'. I have interviewed rapper/entertainer Dirt Nasty, world-famous DJ Irie, custom bike builder Eddie Trotta, art con-man Chad LOVE Leiberman, and sports talk radio icon Sid Rosenberg. My opinions offend. My words sting. I can't help it. Maybe I wasn't loved enough. You now reap the rewards of my biting commentary.

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