Tiesto literally slayed!

The Tiesto set at Ultra 2022 in Miami’s Bayfront Park was nothing short of epic. Just an all-around great set from a DJ who seems to always drop great sets when he comes to Miami. There is a reason why Tiesto is a household name in Miami. The reason is amazing sets like this! Tiesto drops his complete whole own vibe compared to the artists at Ultra this year. His samples are unique, his pace, and his drops. His feel for when to bring the drop is right up there with the best to ever do it. The full Tiesto Ultra set is below for your viewing and listening pleasure. Sit back in your favorite chair, crank your stereo volume, smoke a fat jay or make a nice drink, and enjoy a great set of house music by one of the best DJs in the world. Performing at one of the biggest and best house music events in the world. It really is a great set of classic Tiesto house music and I know you guys are gonna love it!

You can buy tickets to next year’s Ultra event here. You can check out Tiesto on YouTube here.