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So I Guess You Could Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious…


The FBI has raided Donald Trump’s beachfront country club Mar-a-lago. Where he is not even supposed to be living per his lease from the local government…

In the search, the FBI found a trove of top secret information adding up to around 14 boxes full of classified paperwork. Some of them with the highest classification that the United States has that are called “Special Access Programs” where only the people in the programs get to access the information. This intel is normally stored in secure skiffs that have all kinds of security rules. It is unclear how Donald Trump’s dumb ass got them out of the White House and down to Mar-a-lago in the first place. More importantly, it’s unclear what the hell he planned to do with them and why he was hiding them from the National Archive and other United States government agencies. Is it possible he was going to sell or give them to foreign governments? Sounds like something he would do to be honest…

Anyway, as if that wasn’t bad enough we got President Joe Biden walking around in a daze handshaking the sky and making gaffe after gaffe. We really need to do better as a nation at picking leaders. Biden’s team is good and they have had some great wins lately. But, it’s clear old Joe is past his prime and the Presidency is the most important job in the world. We need to vote for younger candidates in the prime of their life. If we want a President who performs at the highest possible level for our country.

The memes below are about the Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI raid and everything else going on right now in politics right now. Enjoy the drop!


Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid Memes and More!


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