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For as great as this country is you would think that we could make the reforms that we all know we desperately need in America. Maybe it’s because the politicians are all multi-millionaire political celebrities now that we can’t get anything done? We do somehow always have time and money to get wars done! Always extra money for that…

We need to have a reckoning in this country and we need to give the people free healthcare, free college, and free homeless shelters. On top of that, we need heavy-duty gun regulations and police reform to keep our citizens safe.

The police are out of control in this country and it’s from years of politicians being “tough on crime.” As well as the police force being over-militarized with leftover military equipment from our bloated military budget in America. This combined with systemic racism built into the police force that was originally established to track down slaves and return them to their owners by any means necessary. Means, you can’t be surprised by the current state of affairs in American law enforcement. With roots like these, it’s easy to understand how the modern-day police force in the States has had a problem with racism and violence for years.

The culture is so bad in American policing that now even African American cops are beating their fellow African Americans to death just feet from the victim’s parent’s doorstep.

Do you know how bad the culture must be in that police force that African American officers feel a need to, and have the comfort level to, commit a murder of a fellow black man? These police forces like the one in Memphis take young men of questionable backgrounds and educational levels and turn them into racist vigilantes. They give them minimal training, then release them on the streets with a gun, pepper spray, and a baton! Telling them to go solve crimes like a bunch of Batmans out of a comic book! In this case, the officers all had less than five years on the force, and they put them in their own elite SCORPION unit and gave the carte blanche to go fight violent crime around the city. That’s freaking insane, and we can all see the gruesome results.

Watch The Full Tyre Nichols Videos Below

We need to change everything about policing in this country.

The cops need to be better trained, and not every cop needs a gun. It should be a privilege for the most seasoned and well-adjusted cops. These cops used every tool they had to murder this completely innocent man. So maybe we stop giving the cops fifty different tools to beat us with? Somehow cops have to be brought back into the community and not be this rogue military force that roams freely inside the city using extreme violence and vigilante justice to achieve their goals. Remember how the cops were in the 50s? When they would drive you home if you were drunk instead of giving you a DUI? It honestly needs to be more like that in the future, we need a public support force, not a police force. The whole American concept of police is permanently ruined and tainted by years of police beatings and murders. We to make a complete 180 from these failed American policing practices and try something completely new.

New uniforms, better training, weapons hierarchy, fewer weapons overall. Hire people from the neighborhoods they police and don’t give them military equipment. That’s where we start!

Full Tyre Nichols Videos

All four of the full Tyre Nichols videos released by the Memphis Police are below. They are completely unedited and exactly as the Memphis Police Department released them. The videos are extremely violent and hard to watch. So the use of extreme viewer discretion is advised. Be prepared to see the police beat a man to death using punches, kicks, pepper spray, and a baton. These videos depict a mafia-style beating and do not resemble any type of legal law enforcement action allowed in the United States. This man was completely innocent and he was brutally murdered by the Memphis Police SCORPION unit. Watch at your own risk.

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