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Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor’s First Fight of The Two Fight Series.

When this first fight between the UFC’s Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz took place. Everyone assumed it would be a quick victory for McGregor who at the time was at the pinnacle of the fight game. However, that would not be the case!

McGregor, it seemed took the fight too easy, as can happen to a Champion on a huge win streak. On top of that, he never really got in a clean hard shot on Diaz’s jaw. Diaz has a chin that is out of the world strong, so without a perfect shot, there is no hope of knocking him out. It’s like his head is made of cinder blocks. With the option of knocking Diaz out not presenting itself. It did not take long for McGregor, who has always had issues with conditioning, to tire out.

Once tired McGregor left his hands down and Diaz who has zero conditioning issues from participating in triathlons all the time. Did not waste any time capitalizing on it. He hit McGregor with multiple hard shots while McGregor’s defenses were down. McGregor often times fired back and got in many good shots himself. Just nothing strong enough to put Diaz out and end the fight.

With McGregor tired and gassing out it was only a matter of time…

Eventually, McGregor completely gassed out and shot for a double leg trying to take Diaz down to the canvas. This was a crazy move since Diaz is a Ju Jitsu black belt and McGregor has a Ju Jitsu nothing belt. Some analysts even say that McGregor did it intentionally as a way to end the fight without getting hurt too badly. Either way, it was the end of the fight because Diaz quickly took McGregor’s back and choked him out in the middle of the octagon like every Ju Jitsu black belt would do if given the opportunity.

This fight ended the McGregor hype for a few months and it set up a follow-up fight that Conor McGregor won in a decision over Nate Diaz. Now with the two fights split between the UFC legends, combined with their different fighting styles and personalities. UFC fans are clamoring for a McGregor vs Diaz 3 trilogy fight! We probably would have had the trilogy fight already, but McGregor broke his leg in a bout with Dustin Poirier. So he has had to postpone any fight plans recently. McGregor is now healed though from his injuries, so I’m sure we can expect him back in the octagon soon.

If McGregor does reenter the fight game, then I’m sure a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz is high up on the potential fight list for him. Since McGregor is not really a contender anymore and does not have any other major rivals still out there wanting to fight him. So the trilogy fight with Diaz makes more and more sense every day that goes by for McGregor. Which is something that a pro matchmaker like Dana White has surely picked up on. It’s also great news for Diaz who I’m also sure is hungry for another big payday.

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