The Kick Heard Round The World

After a great round one where he took the Champ’s back, Leon Edwards lost every straight round. Some people would argue that he may have lost round one as well. Kamaru Usman the Nigerian Nightmare was on a winning streak of epic proportions. He had defended his title countless times and he was set to pass Anderson the Spider Silva as the fighter with the longest win streak in UFC history. Silva we all know is a UFC legend and Hall of Famer and taking this title from him would be like the MMA equivalent of passing Babe Ruth in the home run stats. It would be a helluva accomplishment for any fighter to say the least.

It Almost Happened Too…

The Champ Kamaru Usman was manhandling Edwards. His grappling and intensity were more than Edwards had bargained for and Edwards was visibly tired. He seemed content to just survive the fight without taking too much damage. Content to lose on the score cards but maybe win himself a moral victory for survival in the cage with the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter. Even the announcers had given up on Edwards. Maybe Usman gave up on him as well and let his guard down. Because with one minute left Edwards faked a left jab, sending Usman dodging the jab to low right, and right into a monster head kick from Edwards’s left foot that immediately turned the Champ’s lights out and changed the course of UFC history.

What Now For Kamaru Usman?

Usman has been such a great UFC champion and such a dominant champion that he has earned himself a rematch. Some have joked that the match should be at Wembley so it’s a hometown fight for Edwards. Also, Usman beat Edwards once already so they are now one and one. So for that reason as well, there now needs to be a trilogy fight to decide who is truly the best of these two great fighters. Lastly the fact that Usman was ahead on the cards and dominated the fight until the very end. Right before he got knocked out with that vicous head kick also begs for a rematch. We need to know if Edwards can truly beat Usman or if he just got lucky with a last-second head kick to win the belt.

Usman Vs. Edwards On To The Trilogy Fight!