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What is Going on at Variety?

Not journalism that’s for sure!

Variety Magazine (magazines are old paper things with articles in them, that people used for reading material before they had cell phones) has made DJ Khaled Music Mogul of the Year!

Are you kidding me? Music Mogul of the Year?

A man who can’t even play a single instrument? A man who has been involved in zero-time-tested hit songs? A fat pathetic slob of a human being who wouldn’t know what a calorie is if it hit in the head with a Christmas ham? A man who is the picture of poor health, excessiveness, and over-consumerism? A man who says stupid idiotic things like “God Did” suggesting that God chose him over other people and rewarded him with wealth as a result. A man who disrespects journalism, his country, and his own heritage?

DJ Khaled Music Mogul of the Year - Really???

This is Variety’s Music Mogul of the Year? What was the process of picking the Music Mogul of the Year? Did Variety just pick the only person who would return their calls?

Was it based on who released the worst album in hip-hop this year? What were the criteria that lead to this tragically flawed choice for Music Mogul of the Year Variety?

DJ Khaled Makes Shitty Music

DJ Khaled’s music is not good and it honestly has never been good. Most of his songs are party anthems like “All I Do is Win” that are simply made and do not pass the test of time. They are basic bitch music at its finest. The few musical successes he has had personally were on and off the charts in the blink of an eye. The lyrical composition is so basic and non-insightful that the songs are not long-lasting hits. Instead, they are flash-in-the-pan hits, if they hit at all.

The average person in America can not name a single DJ Khaled song, That’s right, not even one.

Yet, Variety Magazine claims Khaled is some kind of music mogul like Jay Z or Bruce Springsteen. Begging the question, what are they doing at Variety? Is the whole office on DMT? Is it run by a group of well-trained Golden Doodles that just love everyone and type up dumb shit all day?

Either way, making DJ Khaled the Music Mogul of the Year and publishing this financial blow job live on the web. Is the most nonsensical thing to happen in the music industry since Milli Vanilli won a Grammy.

I think almost all of DJ Khaled’s fame is really just an offshoot of Drakes though to be honest…

I know what you’re going to say, you’re going to say Khaled made Drake’s beats/songs. But, Drake has been awful in the second part of his career. His last album was lackluster as well with lame beats and slow rhymes that didn’t even rhyme in some cases.

Some of Drake’s early songs were also very simply made but made a lot of money. They were slow basic bish raps, but they had big sales. So it put this low-talent rap crew on the map unfortunately. If you’re really honest with yourself Khaled and Drake are the two most overrated artists of the past decade. Where are their world-class Hall of Fame hits? They just don’t have them really. Maybe Drake has one or two? But you can play a Jay Z, Biggie, or Tupac album from front to back and not only is every song good most have insightful groundbreaking lyrics as well.

Even worse is the fact that journalism is dead in America. So you can become famous for essentially nothing now and then the morally bankrupt media will keep promoting you like Variety is doing for DJ Khaled right now because it’s easier than doing real journalism.

DJ Khaled's Music Has Very Low Approval RatingsDJ Khaled’s Last Album Flopped

DJ Khaled’s last album was complete and total trash. He had every rap star in the world on it, and it still sucked. It mostly stunk because the beats he made were lackluster and unevolved. To be honest, they wouldn’t have even been good beats 20 years ago. They were a joke for a star on Khaled’s level. Showing he put no effort or research into his album at all. Flat out folks, the man is lazy. He’s lazy with his health and he’s lazy with his work too. Just look at him, we all see him on social, he’s never working and always resting, or stuffing his face. The beats he promotes on social are awful. The man is not a hard worker or a good beatsmith, he’s just lucky. Nothing more and nothing less. Just a fat, lucky, mediocrely talented man who was simply at the right place in Miami at the right time. And who is currently being propped up by a morally bankrupt and lazy group of music journalists like Shirley Halperin.

In the picture on this blog post, you can see the new Khaled album on iTunes, and how every song has a low rating. Literally every song except “God Did” which is also terrible. But, has a lot of star power on it and got the flagship promotion during the album drop. That song actually stinks too, listen to it and you can see for yourself. It’s just selling on pure promotion because Khaled never stopped saying “God Did” for like six months after the release. It was super annoying that he kept saying it everywhere he went, but it brought in downloads for him on name recognition alone. So in that way, it worked for him in a marketing sense.

DJ Kahled White Washes Murder For Money

After calling all his friends in to work on his new monster album that flopped fabulously. Khaled decided to get out of dodge for a while and go make some much-needed money in Saudi Arabia. By white-washing atrocities for Mohammed Bin Salmon also known as MSB the Saudi Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince found himself in some serious international hot water after it came out that he ordered the murder and dismemberment of a Washington Post journalist named Jamal Khashoggi in a Turkish embassy. The Saudis being low on public favor after Khashoggi and 9/11 and high on piles of oil money decided that whitewashing these atrocities to build up new favor for the Saudi family and regime was the best move forward for them politically.

So they reached out to celebrities like Tiger Woods who turned them down for almost a billion dollars. But that didn’t stop DJ Khaled from going over there and bending the knee to the Saudis for pennies on the dollar in comparison. All to keep his over-expensive life afloat in Miami. Khaled literally went to Saudi Arabia and kissed the ring of the 9/11 organizers. Wrap your head around that one folks. I mean where the hell was his PR team???

Khaled not only spent a week whitewashing Saudi atrocities he even let them dress him up in their clothes and take pictures of him. As if this isn’t bad enough Khaled is of Palestinian descent and the Palestinians have a negative view of the Saudis for multiple reasons. So Khaled not only sold out his country, he sold out his parent’s country, and his own heritage as well. All for money, what a guy!

Men who stand for nothing but selfish greed are everything that’s wrong with America. What’s the point of being famous if you don’t stand for anything? Capitalism and democracy require honest men who stand up for what’s right to function properly. The minute DJ Khaled went to Saudi Arabia and danced like a monkey on a string for money in front of the Saudi Crown Prince  I lost all respect for him. It’s un-American.

DJ KhaledDJ Khaled is of Palestinian Decent

Palestinians don’t trust or like the Saudis.

The broken trust between Palestinians and the Saudis is a complex issue influenced by various historical, political, and socio-cultural factors. It’s important to note that individual perspectives can vary, and not all Palestinians hold the same views regarding trust toward Saudis. However, there are several reasons that have contributed to a lack of trust or strained relations between some Palestinians and Saudis:

  1. Political differences: Palestinians have historically sought support from Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, in their pursuit of self-determination and an independent Palestinian state. However, political differences and disagreements on strategies, priorities, and regional dynamics have at times strained relations between the Palestinian leadership and Saudi Arabia. These differences have led to a perception among some Palestinians that Saudi Arabia may not fully align with their aspirations.
  2. Saudi-Israeli relations: Over the years, Saudi Arabia has maintained diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, which has been a contentious issue for many Palestinians. Some Palestinians view these relations as a betrayal, as they see Israel as an occupier and oppressor of Palestinian land and people. This has created a sense of distrust towards Saudi Arabia among some Palestinians who expect unwavering support for their cause.
  3. Role in Arab peace initiatives: Saudi Arabia has been involved in various Arab peace initiatives, including the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002. While these initiatives aimed to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, some Palestinians have criticized them for perceived concessions without adequate guarantees for Palestinian rights. This has led to skepticism and mistrust among some Palestinians towards Saudi Arabia’s role in peace negotiations.
  4. Human rights concerns: Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, particularly regarding its own citizens and activists, has been a subject of criticism globally. Some Palestinians may view Saudi Arabia’s internal practices as inconsistent with the principles of justice and equality that they seek in their own struggle. This can contribute to a lack of trust or skepticism.
  5. Regional power dynamics: Saudi Arabia is a regional powerhouse with significant influence in the Middle East. Palestinians, as a marginalized and occupied population, may be wary of relying too heavily on the support of larger and more powerful countries. This caution stems from concerns that their own interests and aspirations may be overshadowed or compromised by broader regional considerations.

DJ Khaled Says Insulting and Stupid Things

Claiming that “God did” something, is implying that God has chosen one person over others, which can be seen as disingenuous and potentially toxic for several reasons:

  1. Arrogance and superiority: Asserting that God has chosen an individual over others can lead to feelings of superiority, arrogance, and a sense of entitlement. It can create a mindset that devalues or dismisses the worth and experiences of others, fostering an unhealthy hierarchy or elitism based on divine favoritism.
  2. Lack of empathy and compassion: This perspective can undermine empathy and compassion for those who may be facing challenges or hardships. It implies that their struggles are somehow lesser or that they are not recipients of divine favor. It can create an environment where people are less inclined to support or show understanding to those in need, further exacerbating divisions and inequality.
  3. Unfair attribution of success or failure: Ascribing personal success or achievements solely to divine selection can overlook the contributions of hard work, personal effort, opportunities, and external factors. It disregards the agency and contributions of individuals and diminishes their accomplishments. It can also imply that those who are not as successful are somehow less worthy in the eyes of God, which is an unfair and harmful judgment.
  4. Promotes a divisive mindset: By suggesting that God has chosen some individuals over others, it reinforces an “us versus them” mentality. It can create divisions, animosity, and a sense of exclusion among people who believe they are not among the chosen ones. This can undermine community cohesion, understanding, and cooperation, leading to conflicts and social fragmentation.
  5. Contradiction to religious teachings: Many religious traditions emphasize the principles of humility, compassion, and egalitarianism. Claiming divine favoritism goes against these teachings by promoting pride, inequality, and a sense of entitlement. It can distort the intended message of religious teachings, fostering a distorted and potentially harmful interpretation of faith.

It is important to approach matters of faith and belief with humility, respect for others, and a recognition of the complexities of human experiences. Embracing empathy, compassion, and inclusivity can help foster a more harmonious and understanding society.



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