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Cereals Aren’t Even Trying…

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight launched a YouTube only video about cereal while they are currently off the air on a spring break. Last Week Tonight is a great show if you don’t have it on your roster yet. It’s on HBO on Sunday nights at 11 pm. It’s great long-form political commentary and not many shows dig as deep as Oliver does in his show week to week episodes. So each one is very informative. Def take a Sunday evening and check it out live or go play past episodes on the HBO app or on On Demand if you have Comcast. New Episodes will be back on June 6th if you’re currently all caught up.

In this hilarious clip about everyone’s favorite breakfast food. Oliver goes off on cereal for bringing nothing new to the table in terms of flavors, packaging, and new marketing ideas for years! He even attacks Cheerios! Poor innocent old Cheerios. So if you’re a cereal lover or a cereal hater you’re def going to watch this one! Breakfast will never be the same… Honestly, his mystery cereal idea is a pretty good idea. I think we should do that it sounds fun! Well, fun until you get it home and it’s almost certainly a flavor that you hate lol…


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