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Last week’s Weekend Update was awesome!

Colin Jost and Michael Che were on point last weekend on Saturday Night Live. When they roasted everyone from Dr. Oz and his medical testing on animals to Governor Ron DeSantis and his Dallas Cowboys cheerleader boots. The pair also touched on the January 6th Insurrection and its instigators like the Oath Keepers. As well as Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi’s activities during the insurrection. They even covered Britney Griner and her ongoing incarceration in Russia. As well as President Joe Biden and his most recent gaffs. Including when he asked, “where is Jackie?” After the poor woman actually died last month. Lord have mercy…

They also of course covered the breaking Kanye West Scandal which was hilarious. As well as the bizarre Herschel Walker United States Senate debate and his abortion-related issues. As well as former President Donald Trump sending the January 6th Committee a bizarre 14-page letter. Weird ass Mitch McConnel and the fact that Trump keeps threatening to remove him as Senate Majority Leader all the time. They even covered Biden pardoning Marijuana offenders and Tucker Carlson and White Lives Matter. Aaron Judge of the Yankees and his amazing homerun run were also covered. Before closing with Planned Parenthood mobile abortion centers and Disney’s Black Arial who they had on as a guest.

Bonus! We also included the cold open that discusses the January 6th Committee below the Weekend Update video clip.

Weekend Update is the best part of Saturday Night Live and we post them all the time for you guys. So stay tuned for more great Weekend Updates from Saturday Night Live on your South Florida Media. Your home for completely free online news!!!



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