Unwaxed Podcast Episode 86

Somehow on Instagram, I think because I follow Sly Stallone, the Unwaxed Podcast landed on my radar. It was very early on for the podcast and I was not sure if it was going to be something real, or if the Stallone sisters being rich and young would really even take the show seriously. Now all of a sudden they are on episode 85, and it has become a serious and well-hosted podcast. The sisters focus on dating, and relationships in most episodes. They also have Sly Stallone and their Mom on the podcast all the time and it’s really funny. Sly Stallone is movie royalty having starred in and written mega box office hits like Rocky, and Rambo. So anytime he is on the podcast it’s honestly pure gold.

The Stallone sisters have impressively staked their own ground in the entertainment industry now. It was a wise choice to choose the emerging podcast market as a way to cut their teeth in the entertainment industry, without ridding their famous father’s coattails in the movie industry. Now they have their own successful podcast and can do anything they like from here. Proving once again that a podcast is a great asset for any emerging artist or creator these days. The great thing about a podcast is it’s an awesome way to keep yourself in the media and in the online feeds during the age of self-publishing. But, it doesn’t take up so much time that you can’t work on other projects. For that reason, a podcast is the secret weapon of all up-and-coming influencers and celebrities.

In this particular episode of Unwaxed, the Stallone sisters have on Serena Kerrigan. Who was a guest on their second-ever Unwaxed episode. Kerrigan tells the sisters why your ex is like expired milk, and how to throw that carton in the trash for good. The trio goes on to discuss all things confidence, dating, and sex – this is definitely an episode you don’t wanna miss!