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Robb Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde Texas

The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas is about as American as apple pie. If apple pie was made out of shattered families, unrealized potential, and broken local communities. No one involved in these shootings returns to normal life. Everyone from the victims, to the school system, to the first responders, has all had their lives permanently and irreversibly changed. Their sense of peace, control, and safety are most certainly affected for many years to come. Yet, gun companies enjoy record profits under the current system of United States lawlessness around their products. The gun companies suffer little to no penalty when these shootings occur. You can’t even sue them in most cases! In fact, the gun companies actually get preferential treatment from politicians instead of critical analysis and harsh regulations. It is almost as if they were responsible for saving millions of lives every year, and not for exterminating them at record levels.

Assault Weapons are ravaging our country and killing our loved ones in large groups. It is an unheard-of attack on humanity with some of the most powerful handheld weapons that humans have ever invented. These high-powered assault weapons are made for war and they are being used on school children. The guns are so powerful, that doctors interviewed after the shootings, said they tore large gaps of flesh from the injured. The murder victims were damaged so badly by the high-powered rifles, that in some cases it was hard to identify the children. The country has been under constant attack since the Assualt Weapons Ban sunsetted on September 13, 2004, under George Bush Jr. Ever since then it has been like a war zone in American schools. The Republicans are so used to shrugging off the mass shootings in favor of the gun lobby. That they do it almost effortlessly now. As you can clearly see in these videos.

The young gunman bought two assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition on his 18th birthday, just days before the shooting. He also messaged people that he was going to do it on Facebook. Of course, because this is America, no bells went off and no one stopped him. Apparently, there is a law on the books that says anyone who buys two handguns in one week has to be reported to authorities. But, conveniently for the gun lobby and mass murderers, there is no law like that on the books for rifles or assault rifles. Whether you like it or not, and I certainly do not. This kid, who is not even of legal age to rent a car in Texas, bought two military-grade weapons on his 18th birthday and preceded to murder 21 people after shooting his grandmother in the face over his cell phone. I’m sorry but 18-year-old kids should not be allowed to buy assault weapons before they can even buy a beer. It’s ridiculous. In Florida, we already passed a law making the age limit 21 and above to buy an assault weapon.

Let’s just be honest here folks we are all being held hostage by the Second Amendment. The one written by old white men, who had just overthrown a government, and had a real need to use weapons for hunting and protection. Founding fathers, who even in their wildest dreams, could not imagine a world as complex as the one we live in today. Certainly would not value the Second Amendment over children’s lives. I mean honestly, is there anyone in their right mind that actually thinks if the founding fathers were here today. They would agree with this bullshit? They would be disgusted with us! They would say to us… You let children be murdered to protect some old amendment that we wrote over 200 years ago? WTF is wrong with you people!? That’s what the founding fathers would say to us if they met us today and saw this carnage. If you’re honest with yourself, you know that’s true.

During the Texas elementary school shooting, when the police finally entered the building, they shouted who needs help? Please yell! A girl who was hiding then yelled “help” and the shooter came over and murdered her for yelling. In another incident, a little girl’s best friend was shot right next to her and she was covered in her friend’s blood. When she got out and got aid from the first responders she told the responder that her best friend was shot and it was the responder’s daughter. Can you imagine that? One girl covered herself in blood, hid among the dead bodies, and pretended to be dead herself to survive the shooting. Good luck working that out in counseling. What happened to these people should never happen to anyone and it should not even be a discussion. Politicians should be in Congress working all night and not going home until they pass common-sense gun control laws to protect the American people.

But instead, these feckless and cowardly corrupt politicians on the right stare the American people right in the face and refuse to help them. The Republicans are completely owned by the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby. The same NRA that was caught with a Russian spy in its organization that was funneling millions of dollars to the Trump campaign. The same NRA that was caught blowing millions of dollars on the lifestyle of the organization’s leader Wayne La Pierre. Anyway, this corrupt and arrogant gun lobby has the Republicans under such serious lock and key. That even after 19 children are murdered. The Republicans will go out in front of a live TV camera and tell the American people that what they want doesn’t matter. That their safety doesn’t matter, and that their children’s lives don’t matter either. The only thing that matters to these Republicans is donations from the gun lobby and their own re-election.

Then these same insincere lying right-wing politicians will claim to be pro-life with the blood of school children freshly on their hands.

Want more? Go here: Live Updates on the Uvalde School Shooting.

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