The end of a decade also brought upon rising tensions between the United States and Iran. On December 31, Iran-backed militia began sieging the U.S. embassy within Iraq. Their goal was simple. To cause enough uprising to make hostile relations between Iraq and the United States. They wished to make Iraq want us out in hopes of less problematic behavior from nations against the United States. Plenty of history has warned us to be careful of these situations. Although the protesting did cease after much violence and terror, President Trump made sure to threaten Iranian government over their decisions.


What Happened to the United States Embassy?


There were incredibly serious protests happening at the United States embassy which eventually led to a siege of the building. This siege actually trapped the American diplomats within the building overnight. There were demonstrators actually setting parts of the building up in flames scaring the workers within the embassy to death. It was truly a terroristic type of attack that led to these people being terrified within their workplace. Within Baghdad lies our U.S. embassy that is a vital piece of our connection with the Middle East. The United States sees this attack as a taunt and an almost declaration of war.


Response to the Attack on the United States Embassy


President Trump remembered the last time a situation such as this had arisen. In order to prevent the suffering within a United States government building again, like Benghazi, President Trump requested a calm immediately. Followed by threats to saying that pro-Iranian demonstrators are crossing the line and there will be war. American troops have already been sent out into Baghdad to prevent further destruction. President Trump also responded by attacking an Iranian general named Soleimani. If you want to learn more, then check out here.