Thanks to modern technology, we are able to have a castable fish finder that floats on top of the water like a buoy. These devices are able to shoot a sonar wave from the spot where they are on the water, and connect to your phone to display an image. For a long time, people that do charters, or any serious deep-water fishing, would have a sonar to detect fish deep under the water. Now, the on-shore fisherman can have a chance at detecting fish as well. Here are a few of the cool options a castable fish finder has.


Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+


If you’re looking for a one buy with all the cool advancements a fish finder can have, then the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is what you need. This handy device is about the size of a baseball. It can be placed on the end of a rod, we recommend a decent rod with strong line, and cast into whatever water you wish.

Your Deeper Pro is going to connect to your phone via an app and Wi-Fi. It will then detect the fish under the device in the surround area. Not only does it track the fish in the water, but it also uses GPS to draw up a bathymetric map of the area you were fishing. Also, it will keep track of all of the scans you have done.

This device scans down to a total of 260 ft. deep. If there is one drawback to this device, is that it does not work in very shallow water. The depth must be at least about 4 or 5 feet before it starts scanning properly. Also, high currents make it difficult for it to be used. All in all, Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is one of, if the best, fish finders on the market.