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So, you may have some concerns that have led you to believe that you need to see a Urologist. Don’t fret! It’s very common for people to go check in and get examined. In fact, you should probably check in more than you think. There are many things our bodies do to send us signs when something could be wrong. Every person’s urine does just that. It carries out toxins and minerals that can help doctors identify if there actually is something wrong, and then pin point exactly what it is. If you’re truly worried, you can look a Coral Springs Urologist today.


Seriously, it’s Normal to be Nervous…


If you’re embarrassed or nervous, then here is something you should know. That’s normal! Of course, you’re embarrassed! These are personal topics and you’re going to be finding out some truths that are hopefully all positive. But the worst thing you could do is ignore any small signs and a chance for healing just due to embarrassment. Yes, if you feel concern then it is now your job to trust the professionals. First things first; find a trusted provider. Seeing as how this is a South Florida, you can find a Coral Springs Urologist nearby. Z Urology  is a group of trusted professionals if you do find yourself in need of a Coral Springs Urologist.


First Time Introductions


Your first visit to your local Coral Springs Urologist is going to be about what you expect. It’s still a doctor’s office, so be prepared with the normal information you would need to provide a new general practitioner. Here’s a few things you’ll probably need to bring with you:

  1. Identification Card and Insurance Card
  2. Personal & Emergency Contact Numbers
  3. Blood and / or Urine Test Results (If recommended from your General Practitioner / Hospital)
  4. If Records Are Kept of Times and Amounts of Urination

Then of course you will be required to fill out paperwork. If you’re looking for a local Coral Springs Urologist, Z Urology allows you to fill out all this information and apply online. Even though you’ll still have to go in for your visit, this will allow a bit more comfort for filling out information and not sitting in the waiting room.


Expectations from Your Coral Springs Urologist


The most important thing you can do for yourself after finding the Coral Springs Urologist for you is going to the appointment with a FULL BLADDER. You are going to someone that will be examining your urine, so don’t make the mistake of draining your bladder an hour before your test. Do your best not to drink too many liquids that could contaminate your urine or disrupt the test results. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Disrupting your test results is the worst thing you can do. This would basically invalidate all results and therein just be a complete waste of time and money for you. This all comes back to trust. Here’s what you can expect from a visit to a Coral Springs Urologist:

  1. A FULL SAMPLE OF URINE. I cannot stress enough how important that is.
  2. You will be expected to provide a medical history. This pertains to not only your personal past (sickness, surgery) but also your family’s past medical history as well.
  3. You are required to provide a complete list of all medications being taken. This includes everything from vitamins to if you are prescribed narcotics from your general practitioner.
  4. Your Coral Springs Urologist will conduct a physical exam. This is to find any noticeable problems that can be taken care of without any other means. If necessary, this is where a prostate exam will also be conducted.
  5. Once the examination is completed, he will give you the results and his professional opinion. Based off of this opinion, further examination for future visits will be discussed or he will offer prescription medicines for treatment. If further means are necessary, then there could imaging scans for more precision examination.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Coral Springs Urologist Questions


Very important to remember that you are there to find out if there is something wrong with you. Never be afraid to ask a question of your Coral Springs Urologist. In fact, the one thing to actually be concerned about is if he is unable to answer one of your questions. Take this as a chance to find out as much information as you can. You are paying for time with this medical professional that is very capable in their work. Use it to your advantage. Some questions that you could bring up are:

  • What are early signs of prostate cancer?
  • What are the common side effects of these treatments?
  • Why do I urinate so often?
  • Should I change my eating habits?
  • Does this look normal?
  • What are some newer technologies you have?

DON’T BE EMBARRASSED. You aren’t the first one that they’ve had to take care of. They understand that they play a very big role in a part in most people’s lives that are usually private. A Coral Springs Urologist is responsible for providing you with as much information that you would like to have. Also, keeping this information between you and them is a form of confidentiality that they as medical professionals respect.


Coral Springs Urologist


Better to Know


There’s one thing for certain, and that it is always better to know and not need something, then to need something and not know it. It’s always a better idea to heed a precautionary mindset when persisting to medical health. Being in the know is the best thing you truly can do. The strongest form of defense against sickness is prevention. Practicing healthy habits and consistent visits to the doctor when you have any concern is essential. If you’re looking for a trusted Coral Springs Urologist, you’re in luck because Z Urology is just around the corner and can help. These trusted professionals are there to guide you down a path of good healthy habits, and knowledgeable decision making. Schedule your appointment with a Coral Springs Urologist today and get into that healthy mindset that your truly need!

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