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Too many people these days don’t rely on or even trust their doctor. People don’t want to go out of there way to tell another person all of their embarrassing details and lean on them for advice and help. For example, just head out to your local Coral Springs Urologist and schedule an appointment. Doesn’t sound like a very appealing day. However, do you truly know what it is that a Urologist is able to help you with? If you’d like an example, Z Urology is a home for the trusted Coral Springs Urologist and their site can guide you through it.


Pay Attention to your Symptoms


Did you know that most people don’t realize they have a serious infection or problem for a long period of time? A lot of the time these people are in denial of the symptoms that are hitting them in the face. It’s important to notice changes in the activity of your body. If strange occurrences happen, then it is your job to report to a Coral Springs Urologist in the area. A few symptoms that you should be aware of are:

  • Urinary Incontinence
    • Urinary Incontinence is in the simplest terms, loss of bladder control. This could mean that you find yourself running to the bathroom in a hurry because you fear you may not be able to control it. Or, it could just be an overactive bladder. Reasons you may be experiencing this could be pregnancy, menopause, prostate cancer or even a neurological disorder.
  • Pain When Urinating
    • If you have pain while urinating it’s is safe to say its time to visit a Coral Springs Urologist. However, the reasons causing it could be serious. On average, you’re looking at a urinary tract infection (UTI) but there are situations where this information could lead to the discovery of kidney stones, unknown sexually transmitted infections (STIs), prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) or it could even be that you are using a new soap that irritates you.
  • Blood in Urine
    • If you have blood in your urine that could be a sign of something very serious or sometimes even fatal. For women, yes this could be menstruation, however if it starts at a time that could bring cause for concern, take that worry to heart. Stop by your Coral Springs Urologist. These signs could be your body warning you about blood clotting, kidney disease or even kidney and bladder cancer.
  • Lower Back Pain
    • Lower back pain is a common issue for everyone. However, if you ever have had issues that possibly would need a Coral Springs Urologist as well as this back pain, then you may be having some kidney issues. The kidneys play a huge role in your day to day process of using the bathroom. If you are experiencing lower back issues, this could possible be due to kidney stones, kidney cancer and if its serious enough your kidneys could be starting to fail on you.
  • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Now most people think the cause of erectile dysfunction is due to psychological issues and such. However, if this has been an ongoing situation for an extended period of time, this could actually mean much more. This could be caused by medication, underlying medical problems that are unbeknownst to you or even alcohol abuse. Whatever the cause, this is a task for your Coral Springs Urologist. Don’t be embarrassed and find out the answers you are looking for in order to restore your health to the best that it can be.


Coral Springs Urologist Procedures


As said a Coral Springs Urologist is a certified doctor and is approved for multiple practices. If you are having problems that require medication, they are able to supply just that. Regardless, even if you require something much more extensive such as imaging testing and surgery, they will have your back. Some of the procedures and examinations to expect from a Coral Springs Urologist:

  • Medicinal Treatment
    • Antibiotics may be recommended if the patient has a UTI or STI that may be treatable and further combatted.
    • Chemotherapy for patients that have been diagnosed with Kidney or Prostate Cancers.
  • Surgeries & Procedures Conducted by a Coral Springs Urologist
    • Vasectomy
      • This is a surgery for men to prevent pregnancy. It involves cutting or blocking the tubes that sperm are carried through.
    • Bladder and Urethral Slings
      • A procedure to treat urinary incontinence. If other methods do not work, this would be proposed to support your urinary tract.
    • Pyeloplasty
      • If the passage from your kidney to your bladder has been blocked by something, then you will need a Pyeloplasty to remove said obstruction. For example, a kidney stone.
    • Rezum
      • As men get older, it is common for their prostate glands to slowly become enlarged. A Coral Springs Urologist would call this a benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Rezum is a quick procedure to remove this strain due to pain sometimes being an issue.
    • Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (RALP)
      • This is an advanced technological way to treat early stages of prostate cancer. Each Coral Springs Urologist at Z Urology is trained to use this mechanism that allows for better use and the extra precision to be careful on each and every patient.


Time to Schedule an Appointment with your Coral Springs Urologist


Many problems go unnoticed each and every year. It’s is important you prioritize your personal health over your pride and uneasiness. It could take only one appointment for you to find out something that could be prevented. Rather this, then finding out 2 years later where there could be damage that can no longer be fixed. Wouldn’t you rather be laying there in the sun without a worry in the world?


Coral Springs Urologist


However, make a good choice of provider! We cannot stress enough that you should not be embarrassed when looking for a Coral Springs Urologist. They are there to help you in this personal and stressful time where you’re felling awkward and uncomfortable. But make sure to find a trusted provider like Z Urology. This company is a home for the trusted Coral Springs Urologist you could be searching for!

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