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Medicinal practices these days cease to amaze. As technology advances so do our abilities to help people heal and recover. In the far future we all hope for a lot in these continued advances. However, for now we shall take our victories where we are able to. If you are looking for a trusted Coral Springs Urologist, well you’re in luck. Z Urology is a phenomenal facility to go to. They are in possession of Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (RALP) technology that allows for extra precision when performing a prostatectomy.


Robot Assisted Laparo…What?


Okay, so you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer by your Coral Springs Urologist and he tells you that a prostatectomy is necessary. Most people’s first response would be, “A what is necessary?” A prostatectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing a man’s prostate gland. In a situation where you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and your Coral Springs Urologist believes that there is a chance to be able to remove the cancer entirely, this will be suggested.

Now, laparoscopic is a term that defines how exactly the procedure will be done and the amount of invasiveness on the body it will be. The main two ways for this surgery to take place are open surgeries, which there is a large amount of invasiveness, and laparoscopic, which is define currently as the least invasive way to perform this type of surgery. An open surgery will be the larger incision rate so the Coral Springs Urologist has the greatest site of view. Whereas, a laparoscopic surgery is using a tiny incision and camera to correct the issue without having large amounts of openings for bacteria and larger wounds.

Finally, we can get to the Robot Assisted part. The main difference is that there is an advanced piece of technology that the doctor is using to perform the surgery with better precision and minimal damage. Your Coral Springs Urologist will be sitting in from of a console that controls the robot. This robot will not move without command from your surgeon. His screen will give him an extremely detailed 3D view of his operating table so whatever he needs to see is fully available. Using the robot’s arms through the console, your Coral Springs Urologist will complete the surgery, with based on prior results, much more successfully.


I’m Not Letting my Coral Springs Urologist to Use a Machine to Cut me Open!


Yes, we understand. Having a robot be part of the surgery, especially the “hands on” part is nerve racking. People have seen plenty of movies to believe that this is a bad idea. But, don’t forgo the future just yet. Based off of prior results and opinions from your local Coral Springs Urologist, this machine is truly for the greater good. According to Z Urology, a group compiled of your extremely skilled Coral Springs Urologist, this machine is a positive benefactor because:

  • Smaller incisions
  • More precise removal of cancerous areas
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Quicker recovery and return to normal activities
  • Lower risk of transfusions

As well as opinions from another medical site just in case you didn’t believe it:

  • Precision. The robot has flexible wrists and can make careful, slight movements with accuracy.
  • Shorter healing time. The smaller incisions usually take less time to heal. Some patients who have RALP have shorter hospital stays than those who have a traditional prostatectomy.
  • Less pain and bleeding. There might also be less risk of infection.
  • Potential for improved urine control and sexual function more quickly.  Research has shown that men who undergo a RALP procedure recover their urinary continence and erections at better rates than those who have laparoscopic or open procedures.

These types of surgeries are actually becoming much more common then you’d expect. People, after talking to their Coral Springs Urologist, are believing that these machines truly are there to better the medical world. Being able to obtain higher results of precision and accuracy, while maintaining the least possible invasive measures is amazing! It’s not only furthering good and proper technology, but also allowing for less and smaller incision routes so that patients are given a speedy recovery rate. And let’s be honest here, with these types of procedures, you aren’t truly going to feel comfortable until everything is fully healed. You deserve to live a happy worry free life after a procedure like this.


Coral Springs Urologist


Nope, That Robot Isn’t Laying a “Hand” On Me


Still not convinced? Well, look up the da Vinci System. This is the program that these Robot Assisted Surgeries are performed on. A high definition vision system is the staple that allows for clearer and better site. Accompanying that is a special wristed instrument that is able to bend and rotate on motions that are much more expansive than the human wrist. These two magnifying increases to surgeries allow for your Coral Springs Urologist to hold a higher rate of success and be more confident in their dexterity of the machine. It’s important for these surgeons to feel confident in that room. I know I’d prefer it if the person operating on me had full confidence that what they were doing is going to go exactly according to plan based of machine directions.


Find Your Trusted Coral Springs Urologist


Having a trusted Coral Springs Urologist is ideal to a healthy living style. It is within your power to be completely worry free while in the hands of a capable surgeon. No person wants to have to have a thought of doubt in the back of their head as their surgeon administers the medicine to put you out. Having a clear conscious walking into the surgery room, as well as being able to fully trust your Coral Springs Urologist is very important. That’s why you should go check out Z Urology if you’re in the market for a Coral Springs Urologist. According to their website:

Our practice specializes in all urologic procedures specifically minimally invasive methods. Z Urology’s goal is to provide exceptional urologic care, tertiary academic medicine to our South Florida community.”

Look around, and don’t settle for someone that makes you uncomfortable or someone you don’t believe could successfully get you back to better health.

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