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Call me! Wink, wink…

Arielle Engert, 24, was pulled over Monday morning a little bit before three am in Pinellas County, Florida. Officers on the scene suspected that Engert was intoxicated so they asked her to perform a field sobriety test. That didn’t go so well…

After failing multiple field sobriety tests they gave Engert a breathalyzer and her blood alcohol level was a smashing .162! Which is more than twice the legal limit here in the great State of Florida. Police also found a bag of marijuana in her purse during their initial search. Puff, puff, pass…

On her way to being processed the officers claim that Engert offered to perform fellatio and other sex acts on Deputy Brian Sudbrink if he would let her go and drop all of the pending charges. Engert then offered the same deal to deputies Obed Munoz and Eric Biddle according to the law enforcement’s account of what happened. During booking police also discovered a small bag of cocaine in Engert’s bra. So now Engert is facing charges of bribery, possession of cocaine, marijuana, and drunk driving at twice the legal limit.

Damn girl, take it easy!

Engert was released after she posted a $5,150 bond on Tuesday. She will appear again in court on Sept. 24.

Arielle Engert Social Media Picture Obviously, when it comes to drunk driving and drugs we all know the rules there. But if you’re high on drugs and you’re scared out of your mind about being arrested. Then you offer the cops a blowjob, is that really a serious bribery offer? Or is that a girl freaking out while trying to process, rationalize, and negotiate with herself that this arrest is actually taking place and really happening right now? I just know that anytime I have been arrested in the past it was a really scary and adrenaline-rushing time period. You are def not in your right state of mind during an arrest. In some cases, you are literally scared for your life with guns being pointed at you by police officers. Now imagine also being on cocaine during that time…

I feel like the cops just intentionally destroyed a 24-year-old girl’s reputation for life because it was fun for them and they knew the story would go viral in today’s media. I doubt that if they accepted her offer she would have blown the three officers. But, then again the world is a crazy place especially when you’re on cocaine. So who knows for sure? Only Engert herself can tell us. But in the end, it still feels to me like this is an example of the cops taking advantage of someone who is high. Her crimes are crimes of drug use and driving while intoxicated. Those are bad enough.

The things a drunk and high person shouts while being arrested are not bribery. Because there is no realistic bribery plan being orchestrated by the perp. They are just regular people who are scared, upset, and high, yelling nonsense. Same reason you can’t sign a binding contract when you’re drunk. You can’t take part in a bribery scheme when you’re smashed on three intoxicants and already in police custody. 

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