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Pedophile Manager Pees in Arby’s Shakes

Police in Vancouver, Washington, have arrested a man on charges of possessing child pornography. When they performed the initial bust at the home of Stephen Sharp, they made another disturbing discovery. Sharp who worked at the popular fast-food chain Arby’s had been peeing in the milkshakes. Not only did he download child porn at the restaurant. He also made videos of himself peeing in the Arby’s milkshake mix. Which was then obviously made into milkshakes for customers later. When asked why he did such a disgusting thing to innocent restaurant-goers? The man replied that he peed in the milkshakes for sexual gratification.

This guy has the worst kinks wtf… People like this guy are why we can never eat fast food folks.

Arbys Restuarant

Arby’s, We’ve Got the Meat!

You Mean, We’ve Got The Pee!

The milkshake pee perv was arrested and booked at the Clark County Jail and charged with four counts of possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct and four counts of dealing depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct and assault. The full contents of his seized digital devices are still being investigated by the authorities. While they also try to figure out how to handle the pee in the milkshake mix situation. Like how do they even find all the victims and tell them? Hi, it’s your local police calling to let you know that a crazy pervert peed in your Arby’s shake… Could you even imagine getting that phone call!?

For now, the Vancouver Police are working to identify potential victims of Sharp’s golden milkshake mix online and via the media. Thankfully, Sharp told authorities that he only peed in the Arby’s milkshake mix twice. But, then again can we really believe a guy who pees in milkshake mix? What a world, we are living in, huh folks?

Any customers who purchased a milkshake at the Arby’s located at 221 NE 104 Ave., in Vancouver, Washington, on either October 30 or 31, 2021, are asked to contact Detective Robert Givens at [email protected].

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