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Election Day 2019


Tuesday brought the around the biggest achievement our nation has accomplished. The celebration of democracy. People from around the United States flooded the polls for the state and local government elections. It may not be the big 2020 election that we are all waiting for, but it’s the next big step. People will be deciding whether they wish to stick with their parties on a state level as well this year. Many people seem to divide their interests in the local category for support of a certain candidate. This is not the presidential and congressional elections. However, it is the first guide we have for predictions on next years elections.


Big Topics


Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 marked election day. Many states that have been backing Trump for a long time have a chance to secede from their parties in these state wide affairs. Especially due to all the liberal and progressive movements coming out over the past few years. A few big topics that have especially been in debate are abortion laws, illegal immigration laws, gun rights and most recently, the stances people have towards the impeachment of Trump. Unfortunately, during this election, our current president is being looked at for possible reasons for impeachment. That’s another issue. Nevertheless, the stance that candidates have towards the impeachment is swaying minds of the people.


Unexpected Results


Results are coming out and to POTUS, they are not as satisfying as he would have hoped. Kentucky voters are now changing their views as Governor Matt Bevin loses the race. Suburban areas are now against Trump, which was one of his biggest allies in the previous election. The NRA also took a hit with Virginia siding with legislature being handed over to Democrats. Gun control has gotten bigger and bigger with all of the school shootings over recent years. If this is a picture of what next year is going to look like, president Trump is in for a rough election.

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